Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blonde Gypsy {guest post ~ Sean Patrick McArdle}

Blonde Gypsy – oil on linen – 30 x 40 inches

This painting embodies many of my passions, and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with you. I also want to say Happy 10th Anniversary to my model, muse and wife Melissa who has embraced our Gypsy life of hard work with well balanced reverie.

At her encouragement, I started a blog and website to share my passion for painting and drawing. My blog Atelier d'artiste (artist studio), showcases my interest in a painting style historically influenced by artists in the Atelier education system in Paris in the mid-late 1800s. They in turn where influenced by technical achievements of 17th Century Spanish painting where bold, gestural application of paint was born. In the Ateliers in Paris, artists blended this influence with the rigid traditions of Academic Realism to create a new form of Expressive Realism that was broad, painterly and dramatic. 

These artists created the bridge from Academic Realism to Impressionsm which came later. I like the view from this bridge, and I hope you will join me on my painting journey.


  1. Dear Sean,
    How lovely to 'chat' to you via this beautiful post. I have really enjoyed all of your photographs on Mel's blog over the past two years. I love the subjects and the composition and, for a complete amateur photographer like me, you are indeed an inspiration.
    Your painting of Mel is wonderful......I should think that she is an inspiration .
    Wishing you both a very happy 10th anniversry and I know that you will have many, many more happy years to come. was me who sent your little crumb her pillow case, although I should think that she has probably grown out of it by now !! XXXX

  2. what a beautiful painting!! so nice to 'meet' you and your talented work. happy anniversary :)

  3. What a gorgeous painting of beautiful Melissa! Love it.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy for you both (the anniversary, the new blog, the new wine country adventure, etc.) Looking forward to following Sean's journey more closely on his blog.

    That painting is stunning.

  5. I am very excited to hear and see the talent you have! Happy Anniversary Sean & Mel!

  6. so exciting Sean... and beautiful painting of your Love... so romantic and I love it!! oxo

  7. This painting of Mel is gorgeous, and aren't you so blessed to have such a beautiful wife and muse?!
    Although I studied French in college, I regret that I never took any art history classes. Yes, please do share a little bit of art 101 with each of your paintings. It would be very appreciated.


  8. CONGRATULATIONS on your new blog and I am going there now! Also Congratualtions marrying your beautiful secret Valentine in the red dress!

  9. Sean, you captured her grace and beauty of your love.
    Off to see your blog.... love your work.


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