Tuesday, November 20, 2012

gratitude ~

Moments of silence, a fondness found in these rare passages of time. When they happen, I'm aware and cease every thing, soaking up the natural rhythms of life. The rustling of trees, the songs of birds, the crackling of fallen leaves beneath my feet...nature's noise. Perhaps Autumn makes me more aware of the need to peel off the layers of weight that only slows me down. Instead of wishing to turn inward and hibernate, a sense of renewal and openness is blossoming, a yearning for change. 

Yes, change. The very word itself excites me. Small, big, upside down turning change. I never shun away from it, but instead, welcome the ever-changing flow of life with open arms, wide-eyes, and eager will. If I'm scared of anything, it's regrets. I don't want them. Taking a leap of blind faith and not knowing where I shall fall scares me far less than the potential of a regret. Playing it safe, no thank you. Life, as we all know, is entirely too short. 

So perhaps those moments of silence are pure clarity for my soul. Reflections and reveries all combined in glimpses of time, yet an unfolding of desires to be. 

Gratitude for this life. This one chance. The best I can do is give it my all and hope in the end, this is thanksgiving enough. 

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