Friday, September 30, 2011

Falling for Fall ~

My little boho girl.  

Well, almost.  She does still kinda go a little cookoo bananas when she gets too dirty, but for the most part, she likes to roll in the sand, dig her hands and feet deep into the dirt, and learn everything possible about the creepy crawling creatures in the garden. 

She and I was a bit sad to bid farewell to Summer, but we are okay with it now.  As soon as the cool nip cut the air, I immediately switched from green tea to chai tea, and she started pointing out pumpkins instead of pools.  My friends, this is the open-arm signal for Autumn.  Bring on the OktoberFests, the pumpkin patches, and the harvest baskets full of bounty!  

Seasons are a good time for change, and my girl and I are ready to indulge in some new territory together.  

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wishful Thinking {a guest post by Live & Enliven}

When Melissa invited me to share on this exciting and inspiring part of her gorgeous blog I was moved and honored. I love bloggers and people in general who keep things real, who are optimistic and who challenge us with topics like this every day. I am blown away by being here and grateful to post my few words in this space. Thank you.

Deep breath… and here I go:

I’ve always been a dreamer. Ever since I can remember I’ve either been wishing for a seemly impossible occurrence or living the manifestation of my wishes. I’ve been diagnosed with the deranged characteristic of being an endless idealist. Isn’t that what we all do - prepare for the worst and hope for or expect the best? At twenty-something I wish I could say my idealistic ways have changed but they have not. At least twice a day I close my eyes and make a wish – they usually come true. I credit that to the fact that I’m not an object seeker, my dreams and expectations always involve some kind of feeling or the precious gift of health.

These days I’ve been wishing for peace, with myself and those around me and for those around me. I think only good things can happen when we have peace. I find myself being more controlled, happy and hopeful. I’ve realized with the change of seasons in my life that the most powerful wishes are those made when we feel the most powerless. When there’s nothing we can do but wish. Seeing one of those come true is the highest most indulgent feeling on Earth, or so I think.

I cannot imagine being deprived of having hope for the future: I read articles online, flip through magazines and watch the news - and it breaks my heart to see what the world goes through every day, to see there are people in such situations in which they can only live a day at a time and not dare to wonder what tomorrow will be like, because the future will most likely be the same. I take it as a mission to wish for them too, to dream that things for them will also change.

For that reason and for the fact that even though there’s a past in everybody’s life there’s a future too. I relentlessly refuse to stop dreaming and so should you.

Ana is one of those lovely souls who looks at the world through a beautiful lens, her heart, and it shows in everything she writes and offers on her inspiring blog Live & EnlivenHer beautiful wishful words above will remain with me for some time to come, and I am honored she shared her honest thoughts here.  Merci Ana.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Drizzle Me Happy ~

Do you know Katie?  She is a superstar, and I don't use this word lightly, she is SUPER in every way and a shining STAR on camera {and in real life}.  Not to mention, she is a kickass fitness trainer {personal goal of mine is to one day have my butt kicked by her early morning spin classes}, and the brilliant beauty pens words of sarcastic wit and humorous tales on her blog, Good Nite Irene.  Simply put, I have major girl crush on Katie.

Last week, she sent us a bottle of 25 year old Balsamic that sent our taste buds into a drizzle happy frenzy.  Obviously, Katie knows my weakness for anything delicious, and this thick-as-syrup balsamic was the perfect addition to one of our favorite avocado treats.

 Loaf of fresh sourdough or multi-seed bread
Balsamic Vinegar
Sea Salt
{olive oil is optional}

Cut bread into moderately sized pieces {if you prefer toasted bread, brush olive oil on one side of bread and lightly toast}, add thinly sliced avocado to each piece of bread making sure to cover the entire surface, drizzle with balsamic vinegar, and sprinkle sea salt to taste.  
Easy and addictive.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Wine Country Perk ~

Right now, grapes are taking center stage.

It's harvest/crush time here in the wine country, and once again, I'm realizing simple is best ~ a plate filled with juicy delicious table grapes is definitely one of life's greatest pleasures {especially if you picked them off the vine yourself!}.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wishful Thinking {a guest post by My Castle In Spain}

I always say that I became a grownup at the age of 8. It was when my family left the sunny Provence for the grey skies of Paris. I cried bitterly the day of our removal because I sensed I was waving good bye to my childhood and that there was no return. It meant no more Sunday walks on the hills where I played with my sisters and no more strolls around the colorful markets in Aix-en-Provence, my birth town. Even though Paris was a bright new thing, flowers, scents and people were not the same. Years after, it seems to me that I have always been chasing the vivid memories of my childhood, this special touch of frail innocence mixed with slow pace and tranquil happiness. After many years of a Parisian life, I had the incredible luck to move to southern Spain, in Andalucía which I am now proud to call home. On the very first night, when the subtle scent of jasmine entered my room, I knew I was home because it was the scent of my childhood. Andalucía brings it all back to me: the way Mediterranean people joke or do things slowly, the intensity of the light, the long summers, a sense of humble happiness, the smell of pine and wild thyme in the countryside, the olive trees.....

I cannot explain rationally the deep love I feel for this part of Spain. Or rather, I would say, little by little like birds do, I made myself a nest with time and patience. It has not always been easy but my intuition did not fail me. And it also proved to me that we have to love our dreams always.  

Well, there is no doubt as soon as my Sean reads this post, he will ask me to pack our bags and procure a one-way ticket to Spain! Lala of the beautiful life subject behind My Castle in Spain truly knows how to live every moment to the fullest.  She is a creative soul in more ways than one, and recently, she added designer-worthy aprons to her shop.  I'm hoping one day to visit her in the beloved city she calls home and soak up as much of the jasmine air as one possibly can before becoming intoxicated by its sweet goodness {or perhaps that's a good thing!} ~ 

[image by Lala Ema]

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Tomato ~

Isn't she a beauty?

My Pop-paw would be proud of this perfect heirloom tomato because it was so juicy and flavorful.  I sliced it up and had it for breakfast ~ placed upon a piece of toasted rye bread smeared with cream cheese and then sprinkled sea salt and ground pepper on top of the plump red fruit of glory.  Seriously, I thought I might cry it was so darn good! 

This garden thing has my emotions on a happy high, for there truly is nothing better than growing your own vegetables which reward you so unselfishly with their mouth-watering taste.

It's a tomato frenzy around here, so share some of your favorite concoctions with me.  Pretty please?!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wishful Thinking {guest post by Daydream Living}

They say a dream is a wish from the heart...

My heart wished for different things at different times in my life.

When I was younger, the wishes where about getting the newest jeans or my drivers license. Later they where filled with images of a healthy and happy family. In between there where many other wishes and daydreams.

And guess what? Almost every single wish has come true. Only the one where I can sing like a bird never made it....{my singing will clear out a room before you can say...... well, you can fill in the blank}.

I have worn my jeans over and over, and I did a little happy dance when I passed my drivers test. Everyday, I am grateful to be the mama of my two girls and the partner of my sweetheart, living a good life. And although we are in a different country again, away from our family and friends back home, I love our lifestyle. Through our many moves, we have met so many people from different backgrounds, and it has made our little foursome stronger.

Life is for living, to enjoy the here and now.

To me that includes my daydreams...

About a life near the sea....
Walking my girls to school in the morning sun...
Spending time in my own business, doing what I love...
Sipping a drink with my sweetheart on our front porch while talking about our day....

Some people will say dreams should stay just that. Dreams.

But if you don't have a dream, how can you have a dream come true?

So to all my fellow dreamers out in the world,



Daydream Living is a lifestyle blog authored by the very lovely Maureen.  She and I discovered we have quite a bit in common including our affinity for daydreaming.  It's nice to know that others are passionate about this incredibly important pastime too.  

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wishful Thinking {guest post by elleinad spir}

When Melissa asked me to contribute to this series I was incredibly touched and honored…and scared. What could I write that would be at home on her beautiful blog? How could I narrow it down? So forgive me, this post is a bit of a wander through a collection of wishes, thoughts, dreams…

For my son to know love as I do. The feelings of being loved and of giving love.

For my husband to one day be able to follow his dreams rather than spend each day working…or at the least, in addition to it.

For my relationships to become easier and less stressed by distance and time and the stresses of life.

For the determination and stubbornness that I passed onto my son be mitigated by the ability to listen and bend….qualities I was not able to pass along in as much abundance.
For my mom to see all of her grandkids grow, and for them to know her and her love as my siblings and I do.

For my son to understand and love my dad the way that I do, despite his tough outer shell.

And mostly, I wish for patience and understanding of myself, for myself, by myself. I need to learn to slow down. To not snap at people. To not hurry through each day. To enjoy more and worry less. I have been searching for something to put on my wrist as a reminder. I want a something on my wrist that I can look at ten million times a day to remind myself of these things. I have not yet found that perfect reminder...but when I do, it will become a permanent reminder to me.

Thank you to Melissa for having me here today. This blog is always a place for me to come and be calm, enveloped by beauty and peace.

Danielle keeps it real, and I adore her for this wonderful quality and more. She is one of those friends who you know would be right there by your side if you needed questions asked.  And her way with connecting a post to any lyric you have dancing through your head, well, that's just complete genius.  

[image by Hollósi Gábor]

Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm not going to lie.  Summer is going to be missed around here.  Although, I find comfort in knowing Northern California basks in Indian Summer.

It arrives right about hello September/October, we are going to embrace your golden days of warmth and sunshine until they fade away to crisp, cool Autumn.  

This past weekend was filled with many visitors.  You see when you live in a very popular destination, like the wine country, people like to drink visit.  We get it, and we totally dig the continuous open door policy of fun times.  It just took me a while to step up to the plate and be at the ready in terms of the 'hostess with the mostest' role.  

Don't worry, I've got it down now.  There are a few tried and true recipes that I can whip up at a moments notice without a sigh of oh-my-goodness.  Thankfully, I have many foodie friends that keep me on my toes, Sherry is one of the best to have by my side.  This weekend, I served {twice} the meyer lemon pecan brown sugar shortbread...oh yeah, it's good {Dad, I promise to make for you in November!}. This lovely shortbread pairs perfectly with tea, coffee, or wine ~ we like to be prepared for every delicious situation.   

So here's to Indian Summer ~ you help feed my resilience for saying good-bye.  

And if you are in the mood for shopping good deals, a few fellow friends and bloggers cleaned out our closets and created an online sale of some lovely treasures~ check it out here ~ free shipping through sept. 12th. 

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