Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wishful Thinking {guest post by elleinad spir}

When Melissa asked me to contribute to this series I was incredibly touched and honored…and scared. What could I write that would be at home on her beautiful blog? How could I narrow it down? So forgive me, this post is a bit of a wander through a collection of wishes, thoughts, dreams…

For my son to know love as I do. The feelings of being loved and of giving love.

For my husband to one day be able to follow his dreams rather than spend each day working…or at the least, in addition to it.

For my relationships to become easier and less stressed by distance and time and the stresses of life.

For the determination and stubbornness that I passed onto my son be mitigated by the ability to listen and bend….qualities I was not able to pass along in as much abundance.
For my mom to see all of her grandkids grow, and for them to know her and her love as my siblings and I do.

For my son to understand and love my dad the way that I do, despite his tough outer shell.

And mostly, I wish for patience and understanding of myself, for myself, by myself. I need to learn to slow down. To not snap at people. To not hurry through each day. To enjoy more and worry less. I have been searching for something to put on my wrist as a reminder. I want a something on my wrist that I can look at ten million times a day to remind myself of these things. I have not yet found that perfect reminder...but when I do, it will become a permanent reminder to me.

Thank you to Melissa for having me here today. This blog is always a place for me to come and be calm, enveloped by beauty and peace.

Danielle keeps it real, and I adore her for this wonderful quality and more. She is one of those friends who you know would be right there by your side if you needed questions asked.  And her way with connecting a post to any lyric you have dancing through your head, well, that's just complete genius.  

[image by Hollósi Gábor]


  1. You clearly had nothing to worry about here Danielle- as this is clear, eloquent, & filled with truth.

    I especially like the part about the bracelet, as a pretty- but deliberate reminder to *slow down.

  2. Oh Danielle, I wish for all of these things for you and your beautiful family. You deserve each one, now and forever. This is a lovely post.

  3. just caught up on so many's like...i'm so calm right now.

    they're all so beautiful. and YOU! a contributor for FOLK! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

    so proud of you. for all of this. xoxo.

  4. What a beautiful and well written post. I love and am inspired by everything Danielle put out here for us. Thank you for the reminders, I too need to slow down.

  5. Beautiful. Great reminders for everyone. :)


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