Sunday, January 31, 2010

Café Bliss

Cafés are very dear to my heart. Despite the fact that there are millions all over the world, including the 5 within walking distance from our home, we all have one or two cafés we like to 'call our own'. Each one is different in their own special way, but when you find the one that speaks to you and makes you feel at home, you find a delightful comfort in knowing the search is over. For me, this discovery is one of life's sweet little treasures.

We found 'our café' at Cibo. It is an extension of my own kitchen, our dining table, and our living room. It is where we gather with close friends every Sunday morning at the same time without question. It is where the friendly and happy owners and baristas greet us with warm smiles and know us by name. A place we admire for using local, sustainable and organic ingredients in every thing they offer (even the incredible made-with-love pop-tarts!). And they serve Blue Bottle coffee - hands down the best coffee ever!

So tell me....where do you go for café bliss?

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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Perfect 10

Dearest Sean,

The day you were born, a Perfect 10 was entered upon the scorecard of life!

Happy Birthday to my beloved, my dream-come-true!

I look forward to celebrating many more reverie filled years with you.

All my heart and love,

Simply Yours

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

heart. racing. | guest post by karey m

{heart. racing.}

i woke up this morning in a panic. the t.ruffles shoppe is re-opening with fresh sweets. i've found myself smack in the middle of a few overseas projects with serious deadlines and giggle-inducing pay. and? i'm speaking at altitude design summit on a panel with the incredibly cool women behind design milk, making it lovely, and petit elefant.

add all of the above to the wails of the girlies promised us a puppy when we moved back to the states!

good morning.

now this. a guest post on this sight. stunning perfection, all the time. airy and calming, more often than that.

{heart. racing.}

then woke esmé. the youngest of my girlies three by day and my hot water bottle by night. she nuzzled her head on my chest and softly declared, oh goodie. your heart is on. and that was that. my panic - poof! - disappeared, and in its place sat a lovely little shot of gratitude. my heart is on, as it should be. better yet? my heart is racing, which only means exciting things ahead. maybe a wee bit of danger, too. brilliant.

because as i always say - since bright and early this exceptionally good morning - danger is a girl's best friend.

now. in the spirit of racing hearts, i'd love it if you love this video. airy and calming, it is not. stunning perfection, it is.

{heart. racing.}

thank you for reading my words. i mean that from the bottom of my racing heart. i've collected more of my words at mackin ink and the sweeterie (ok! we're re-opening today, which means my guest post is serendipitous!), which is also the home of mary swenson's flat-out fab photos. visit any time you'd like. we're always happy to see you. and mel? this was a treat. thank you....and xoxo. karey m. oh! beauty demo found originally on the beauty file and also on lily and the muse.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Walking in the shadow of giants | guest post by SPM

Authors use language as a tool to create art. While I'm more of a visual artist, I am truly in awe of my wife Melissa's gift of the written language. I am also continually impressed with her cherished community of fellow bloggers who produce works of art molded by words.

Last year, Mel, Gaia and I traveled to Spain for a painting workshop and our annual trip to Europe. One of the highlights for me as a new father was to watch, my then 16-month old, daughter walk in the shadows of literary giants. This image is of Gaia walking along Calle de Huertas in Madrid. Las Huertas district is known as the "barrio de las letras" (the neighborhood of letters). The barrio's namesake, Miguel de Cervantes, author of one of the most important books in international literature, Don Quixote, lived and wrote here for part of this difficult life. His creation, Don Quixote, remains a larger-than-life figure not only in Spain but around the world.

Cervantes also gave rise to words such as "quixotic" describing something chivalrous and idealistic. My hope is that my beloved wife and daughter (and each of you) will be quixotic by continually sharing the command of language as a tool to create art.

[photograph by Reverie-Daydream]

Monday, January 11, 2010


When it comes to my closet, you will not find anything green amongst my black, grey and white wardrobe, but in regards to food - green might just be one of my favorite colors!

Greens juice is definitely something I crave. In fact, my entire little family craves it! Nothing like hearing "Greens please!" to bring a big smile to my face. So every few days, the juicer comes out of hiding, and the stacks of greens (kale, parsley, cucumber, and celery) along with fresh flavor enhancers such as apple, ginger, lemon, and lime gather upon the kitchen counter waiting their juicing fate.

Depending on the season and local availability, the ingredients may vary, but the one constant is the color because GREEN = vitamins, minerals and healthy living galore! MMM good!

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