Monday, January 18, 2010

Walking in the shadow of giants | guest post by SPM

Authors use language as a tool to create art. While I'm more of a visual artist, I am truly in awe of my wife Melissa's gift of the written language. I am also continually impressed with her cherished community of fellow bloggers who produce works of art molded by words.

Last year, Mel, Gaia and I traveled to Spain for a painting workshop and our annual trip to Europe. One of the highlights for me as a new father was to watch, my then 16-month old, daughter walk in the shadows of literary giants. This image is of Gaia walking along Calle de Huertas in Madrid. Las Huertas district is known as the "barrio de las letras" (the neighborhood of letters). The barrio's namesake, Miguel de Cervantes, author of one of the most important books in international literature, Don Quixote, lived and wrote here for part of this difficult life. His creation, Don Quixote, remains a larger-than-life figure not only in Spain but around the world.

Cervantes also gave rise to words such as "quixotic" describing something chivalrous and idealistic. My hope is that my beloved wife and daughter (and each of you) will be quixotic by continually sharing the command of language as a tool to create art.

[photograph by Reverie-Daydream]


  1. LOOOOVE THIS. What a wonderful explanation to an incredible photograph. Look forward to more like this.:)

  2. Lovely to have you do a post for all us bloggies .... Well I have to say you do very well using language as a tool to create art even though your more into the visual department.

  3. I have been admiring your photography for as long as I've been enjoying Mel's blog. It seems that you also have the gift of words. A pleasure to meet you. How sweet of you to take over for Mel while she is away. I love that you can give these special opportunities and adventures to little Crumb.

  4. What a wonderful photograph, Sean.
    I, too have been enjoying your photographs over the last 9 months or so.I presume that you took the shots of your home with those amazing views. How envious am I of you to be able to see that every day, as I sit here in the suburbs of London..... although, I do love living so near to London.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely image and for being a great guest on Mel's blog. XXXX

  5. I think this is a first Sean! A husband who even writes his wife's blog while she is modern and sweet. You sound so well-suited to your lovely wife and we have all so enjoyed your photographs so it is wonderful to read your thoughtful words.

  6. Hi Sean,

    Amazing photo!!

    I am in such awe of your Sweet Melissa and the true balance of your family. Together you are the Ying & the Yang... you balance eachother and it shows in both of your art worlds.

    Your little Gia Miette is your prize! A little pearl for your balanced beauty.

    Great great post dear Mr. Reverie!!!


  7. that is beautiful! what a lovely image to capture memorilizes such a sweet event.

  8. Hi Sean,

    I enjoyed your post and although I'm more of a visual person myself, I do appreciate the gift and art of the written word.

    What a fabulous photo of your daughter!

  9. What a pleasure to read this post ! i often saw your pics on our dear Mel's blog and thought, woah, these two are a real great team !
    oh and i actually was drawn to Mel's blog when she posted about your trip to Spain.
    Great pic !!

    ps : i found out most Spanish people never read El Quijote in its entirety but yes do claim to be quixotic in the genes ! :-)

  10. what a fantastic photo and general idea of how to capture a child's image. lovely~

  11. beautiful image and beautifully written....with love.

  12. Great visual!
    You & Mel are a great combo indeed~
    Mel, enjoy your travel my dear~

  13. Beautiful photograph and wonderfully crafted sentences to accompany it... Thanks for a lovely post.


  14. What a treat to read your words, Sean, and to tell you how much I admire your photographs. You and Mel are two incredibly gifted and inspiring people.

    All best,

  15. WHat a wonderful photo and story! You are the kind of parents every child should be so lucky as to have. What a magical life she will have.

  16. It would be fantastic to spend a weekend together darling!
    Don't miss the second part of the post today!

  17. Such a simple yet meaningful image of your sweet Gaia...with such lovely words to follow. Thank you for this today...we live in a magical world where we can mix together words and images to inspire and spread Joy.

  18. Images and words full of elan make a perfect marriage.
    Wonderful image Sean!

  19. Oh I adore this image simply perfection. Your blog is so inspiring. Thank you!

  20. What a treat to hear from the amazing photographer. Loved hearing your perspective. Thank you for sharing and you should know that your darling wife is such a treasure in this blogging universe.

  21. This is so interesting.. I love EVERY part of how this post it put together. From it being your husband, to a picture of your daughter, travels, perspective on life, history of art and encouraging others to be 'quixotic' (I love the meaning of that word... just looked it up) ;) I will never forget it now.
    Very touching post and so beautifully written.

    xo Noel

  22. I LOVE it. I can picture those little blonde pigtails toddling about. Love your husbands writing-style Mel. You should keep him around. :)

  23. So beautifully put and that bambino image is so stunning!


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