Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wishful Thinking {a guest post ~ the space between ms and mrs}

letting in the light ~

this past weekend i spent 3 days at wanderlust, an epic music and yoga festival in the mountains of vermont.  surrounded by yogis and activists, spiritual teachers and seekers and lovers of life in all shapes and sizes, all ages, genders and sexual orientations…my heart continued on its journey…and the crack got a bit wider.

that’s the thing about cracks, once the light starts pouring in….it’s hard to go back to the darkness.

today i wish politicians would realize there are much worthier wars to wage than ones that simply strive to keep people from loving each other.

i wish people would realize no real and worthy god would ever wish ill and pain and suffering on others.

i wish our oceans to heal and that people everywhere could fall asleep in the presence of parents who love them, with bellies full of food and clean water and warmed by the knowledge that they have worth and dignity.

but my biggest  wish for you on this wednesday is that today something comes along and cracks you open too.  this crack….it’s a little uncomfortable.  no, that’s a lie…it hurts like hell and it seems to have brought with it a steamer trunk full of baggage and fear and questions and what-if’s… but it’s also brought its fair share of goose bump laden moments and new ways of looking at the world. and some of those ways… are pure magic. so today i wish something unexpected would stop you in your tracks and some sleepy part of your brain would register and for a moment you’d see a bit of yourself in someone else. when you feel the goose bumps…you’ll  know….

because it starts with you.

we have a long hard battle ahead of us but if you don’t give up on me, i won’t give up on you.

Do yourself a favor and visit Melanie of the space between ms. and mrs. ~ she throws a beautiful soul-enriching party with her words.  And one thing is for sure, I absolutely love every single word of this guest post.  Melanie's wishes mirror some of my very own. Wanderlust Festival?  Sign me up.   

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Monday, June 27, 2011

La Rose ~

Sean recently had the opportunity to show some of his ballerina paintings {First Ballet Slippers is one of my all-time favorites}at the premieres of Napa Valley Ballet's Jeux D'Enfants and Romanza.  

The evening inspired him to paint this recent work titled, La Rose.  I love how he captured the Principal Ballerina's repose so beautifully.

**La Rose, a 28 x 40 inches oil on linen painting is for sale.  If interested, please contact

Friday, June 24, 2011

Groovy ~

I could have been a hippie.

Bell-bottoms, barefoot, and beads.  Going with the flow.  No rules.  

Peace and love.  Fruit and Granola.  Communal inhabitant.

Oh Summer, you offer the grooviest daydreams.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wishful Thinking {guest post ~ Dumbwit teller}

Wishful thinking seems to be something I’m quite good at; in addition, but not limited to, longing, and desirous day dreaming. Always giving due diligence to leave out the step-child of the meaning, crippling ‘covet’. The greatest of wishful thinking is the variety that I least expect. It’s a sudden feeling or memory that rushes into your mind like a jolt of lightning. It’s a good thing, and quite honestly, can knock you off your feet. Those precious recollections can make you laugh, and make you cry. Crying I have no objection to, unless I’m wandering about Target and I’ve looked as though I’ve checked my sanity in at those sliding glass doors. 

The other day I was overcome with the overwhelming feeling of what it was like to feel (really feel) a hug by one of my children when they were of a young age. A ‘hug’ that expressed that you the parent, mattered more than anyone else in the world. Their small fingers grasped you tightly and the hug was with all their strength; most often followed by a sincere, as only as child can be, “I love you mommy”. You were among a limited selection of ‘things’ that were the center of their tiny universe. I hadn’t thought of those hugs for a long time for it’s not that I don’t receive a genuine embrace from my faithful four from time to time. But we’d all agree, the hugs of a wee child are on a whole unique level. 

My story is this - from the birth of my first child to when the last left for college, there was a span of 30 years. Believe me, when I was taking away car keys, scraping peanut butter from the high chair tray, or conducting a Spanish inquisition as to where a coat was, I can assure you that I did not dream of reliving such episodes. 

These snippets of recall are the parts of our lives that equal the whole. When each precious moment occurs, and before it quickly slips into a memory, if only we had the ability to slow them down to a snail’s pace, recording each movement, and savoring each second. What we do not know when we’re in our 20’s, 30’s, even 40’s, that those times with which we often over-look, take for granted, and quite honestly, drive us mad, we later miss, cherish and want to recreate, especially for a moment of wishful thinking. 

Deb of the cleverly written and fun blog, Dumbwit teller, has shared a wish so important to me ~ especially at this very special time in my life where I do not want to miss one second of my crumb's life.  As I told Deb, her four children are lucky to have her as their mother.  She believes in living life with grace, style, and humor...and she definitely does this with a witty flair!  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Growing ~

This weekend, the crumb and I visited Tara Firma Farms.  I left there a different person, a person seeking a way to be a part of this amazing place.  I'm not sure when or how this is going to happen, but my heart danced there, my senses were in overdrive, and my desire for a deeper knowledge of bio-intensive gardening needs to be nurtured. 

Tara and Craig Smith founded this farm in 2009, and I was blown away that neither of them had any farm background when they purchased this 300-acre property.  The Omnivore's Dilemma is what changed their life causing them to step away from their corporate jobs in order to help balance the needs of environment and nutrition via a harmony with land and animals.  So far, it is remarkable what they have accomplished and are offering to the community. 

Tara gave us a tour of the farm which included baby chicks {biggest deal ever for the crumb}, goats, a new to the world baby bull, baby owls, piglets, and the vegetable gardens.  She spoke freely, proficiently, and brilliantly.  I could have listened to her stories, ideas, lessons, and facts for hours, and I did ask how I could learn more about the bio-intensive farming from their mastermind gardener, Elijah.  I'm hoping a valid answer is forthcoming...

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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Key Role ~

It warms my heart to see the beautiful relationships growing between the little crumb and the men in our family.  There is no doubt, she is a papa's girl.  When he is by her side, her soul reaches new heights of happiness.  She has his mischievous {in a good way} ring-leader qualities, and she can make any room her stage with all the occupants within hanging on her every word/action {just like her charismatic papa}. He invests time in her, listens to her every word, and worships the ground she walks upon.  She will always save her last dance for him, and him only.

Her grandfathers also play a key role in her life.  They have taught her how to fish, catch lizards, hit a golf ball, ride a bike, and use tools to 'fix' stuff.  Most importantly, unbeknownst to her, a healthy, respectable, adoring outlook of the male variety is being established. Every moment she spends with these strong, skilled, gentle, loving men is special and adds another layer onto a growing foundation of honor and trust. 

She and I are lucky girls, and they are amazing men who deserve to be celebrated every. single. day.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

An Outdoor Table ~

Along with our move to the wine country, came the ability to eat outdoors for almost every meal.  Unless it is raining or temperatures drop below 55 degrees, we are gathered around the outdoor table underneath a big ol' walnut tree.  It's one of those dreamy simple things in life that I never really want to do without {again}.  

I've been searching for vintage tablecloths and napkins to perk up our 'dining room', so when my wonderful friend, Estelle, gifted me with this French striped tablecloth {it is so soft and exudes summer} along with made-by-her-creative-hands-pretty-as-you-please napkins, I wanted to jump over her pink moon

Don't you agree that a table setting is the ideal backdrop for what food you place upon it?  No doubt throughout this outdoor season, there will constantly be plates of watermelon, vegetables, and other tasty courses upon our table as well as sweet endings too.  One of my favorite summer desserts is a Banana Cream Pie.  I like to use this simple recipe here with Dr. Oetker Organic Vanilla Pudding.  If you try it, just one request ~ save at least one piece for breakfast the next morning.  You will not regret it. 

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Soleil ~

I'm giddy.  The pool opens this weekend.  More fun times are on the horizon.  I've got big plans for this Summer.  The crumb and I are going to wear the path out to the community pool, and fingers-crossed, she will know how to swim by the end of this glorious season.  

Also with this warm weather, I've developed a 'dangerous' addiction to home-made ice cream.  My little machine has been churning non-stop ~ lemon verbena {using this recipe as my base for all flavors}, coffee, strawberry, and cherry with raw cocoa nibs.  The tasty concoctions are endless which means the laps I will need to swim daily is a really high number.  I'm okay with that.   

Outdoor movies, library reading challenges, alfresco dining for every meal, farmers markets, concerts in the parks, popsicles, garden-to-table-food, dancing under the stars, soaking up every bit of Summer's magic and then some ~ it's that time of year where I am ready to 'disconnect' and just reconnect to BEING. 

The other day, it struck me that my crumb is no longer a little baby.  She is growing up really fast {and I'm not going to lie, I'm all for the growing up..}, but I'm REALLY loving this age.  She is fun, sweet as pie, full of personality {a real jokester}, and a total sponge. I want this formative time of her life to be off-the-charts incredible because the memories we make will hopefully be what brings a huge smile to her face every time this splendid season of soleil roles around.

Now my sun-bunnies, what are you planning for the blissful months ahead?

[Jean Gabriel Domergue]

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wishful Thinking {guest post ~ Jeanne Oliver }

I grew up in a small town in Illinois.  Sometimes you know you won't stay and that the world is calling you.  Sometimes the very things you ran later will come to long for.  When I go home now to see my parents, it is the little things that bring peace and joy.  

I think the corn looks so beautiful when it is high and it lightly sways in the wind.  I love the rich brown of the soil.  The soil that looks like brownie mix and will grow anything.  As the sun sets and all the lightning bugs come out to play.  As they light up the fields as they fly.  The quiet of the country.  How when I am in the country, I want to grab a blanket and cuddle with my husband under the stars.  {No one is looking.  Why not.}  Morning coffee on the porch while there is still dew on the grass.

Someday.  Someday we will have our land.  Our quiet.  Our morning coffees on the front porch.  Our summer nights filled with fireflies.  Our garden ripe from the soil that will grow anything.  Our secret cuddles under the stars.  I don't know where we will find our little bit of land.  But we will.  Someday.  

What are you wishing for?

Jeanne Oliver is one of those people who is extremely talented, beautiful inside and out, and hilarious {I'm talking don't have your mouth full of food or drink when she tells a story or else...that kinda funny}.  I'm hoping she visits me one day soon, or at least I get to see her again next year at ALT.  She sticks with you that Jeanne...a country girl with a city flair who you just don't want to lose track of on your friendship radar.   

[images via Jeanne Oliver]

Monday, June 6, 2011

Plate for Two ~

To this day, every time I see a plate of spaghetti, I think of Disney and the noodle strung between the two love-struck doggies.  Hopeless romantic?  Yes.  And despite the fact some cultures seriously frown upon sharing a plate of food, I still find it incredibly wonderful {and healthy}.  Let's face it, portions have gotten out of control {ahem, USA}.  And most times when dining in restaurants, Sean and I split an entree or order two appetizers, and we leave feeling pleasantly satisfied and happy versus overstuffed and dull.  Not to mention the fact, it's delightfully cozy to share a plate for two.  

This past week for lunch, I prepared and placed this salad between us.  It was so easy, refreshing, and filling.  We found ourselves waiting to see who would take the last bite ... it is that good. 

Avocado-Grapefruit Salad

2 Grapefruit peeled and cut into bite-size pieces
1-2 Avocado cut into  bite-size pieces
Lettuces of choice
Splash of Olive Oil {optional}
Salt  & Pepper to taste

Arrange lettuce, grapefruit and avocado on plate, drizzle olive oil if desired {although, the juices from grapefruit is season enough}, and add salt and pepper. 

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wishful Thinking {a guest post ~ Live Love Small}

I reflect on my childhood and the freedom of wishing and daydreaming and it is such a constant memory. As a mother of two,I can only wish and hope my kids dream every day of being a princess, a pirate, swim in a pool of chocolate, or fly above the trees, for whatever it is, wishes are magical. 

Today, I wish for travel. I wish for our little family to explore through Europe and be gypsies for a while.

I wish for sand between my toes and salt water in my hair.

I wish to be riding my bicycle with the smell of honeysuckle wind on my face.   

I wish for fresh peonies.

I wish for those precious moments my little ones give me everyday and to store those memories in my head forever. 

May all your wishes come true…. xo 

Live Love Small is a pretty little space where Allison shares her current creative crushes inspired by her two beautiful kids.  Trust me, her posts can be trouble because she has a knack for finding really cool clothes for the wee people.  After all, her blog's theme is "everything is cute in size small"!

[image by Anne Menke]


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