Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wishful Thinking {guest post ~ Dumbwit teller}

Wishful thinking seems to be something I’m quite good at; in addition, but not limited to, longing, and desirous day dreaming. Always giving due diligence to leave out the step-child of the meaning, crippling ‘covet’. The greatest of wishful thinking is the variety that I least expect. It’s a sudden feeling or memory that rushes into your mind like a jolt of lightning. It’s a good thing, and quite honestly, can knock you off your feet. Those precious recollections can make you laugh, and make you cry. Crying I have no objection to, unless I’m wandering about Target and I’ve looked as though I’ve checked my sanity in at those sliding glass doors. 

The other day I was overcome with the overwhelming feeling of what it was like to feel (really feel) a hug by one of my children when they were of a young age. A ‘hug’ that expressed that you the parent, mattered more than anyone else in the world. Their small fingers grasped you tightly and the hug was with all their strength; most often followed by a sincere, as only as child can be, “I love you mommy”. You were among a limited selection of ‘things’ that were the center of their tiny universe. I hadn’t thought of those hugs for a long time for it’s not that I don’t receive a genuine embrace from my faithful four from time to time. But we’d all agree, the hugs of a wee child are on a whole unique level. 

My story is this - from the birth of my first child to when the last left for college, there was a span of 30 years. Believe me, when I was taking away car keys, scraping peanut butter from the high chair tray, or conducting a Spanish inquisition as to where a coat was, I can assure you that I did not dream of reliving such episodes. 

These snippets of recall are the parts of our lives that equal the whole. When each precious moment occurs, and before it quickly slips into a memory, if only we had the ability to slow them down to a snail’s pace, recording each movement, and savoring each second. What we do not know when we’re in our 20’s, 30’s, even 40’s, that those times with which we often over-look, take for granted, and quite honestly, drive us mad, we later miss, cherish and want to recreate, especially for a moment of wishful thinking. 

Deb of the cleverly written and fun blog, Dumbwit teller, has shared a wish so important to me ~ especially at this very special time in my life where I do not want to miss one second of my crumb's life.  As I told Deb, her four children are lucky to have her as their mother.  She believes in living life with grace, style, and humor...and she definitely does this with a witty flair!  


  1. These posts are so beautiful they make me teary-happy every time.

  2. Thank you again Melissa. It's such an honor to write a guest post for Reverie. The photo you chose was absolutely ideal. I couldn't choose, too many wonderful faces.

    All my best to you and Miss Crumb,
    x Deb

  3. Well said, Deb, and a good reminder to us to seize the moment and not to ever wish our present lives away. Your mindfulness becomes you.

  4. What a lovely post Deb and Melissa. As I told Deb earlier today, it made me hug my wee ones a bit longer and tighter. Hugs to you both.

  5. Love these posts. I'm with Ana. Emerson has just started to get into hugging. She's always be a snuggler but not much of a hugger. Now she asks for extra hugs at school drop off and at bedtime and I am so happy to indulge her. I too just want to soak it all in.

  6. I love the way Deb writes and her meaning of 'wishful thinking' is just as thoughtful and loving as she always is. Love this!!! OX

  7. So well said, love it! Deb has such a way with words straight from the heart. She is a beautiful being inside and out.

  8. My dear friend Deb ( and, of course Mel !!),
    You have said everything that I often think about. The one lovely thing is, having a grandchild starts it all off again so, all is not lost and forgotten !! We can start re-living those moments again.
    Such a lovely post and so true. Much love. XXXX

  9. I felt my heart squeezing with a little bit of dread as I read this post-fear of losing those tight hugs and becoming unimportant to Amelia in her future adolescent years. Thank you for reminding me that every moment, even the irritating ones, will be what I long for in my later maternal years.
    Beautifully written post.
    Thank you.

  10. Such beautiful post. When I read it, I completely got lost in my own thoughts and could feel my kids' hugs, too...the mark of a great writer! Thank you!

  11. After spending an amazing week up at my parent's house with my two little ones; a week that included LOTS of those amazing hugs and "i love yous"; I can say with tears in my eyes that this post completely struck me in my core. my babes are still little beans, but I know they're getting bigger and older day by day and all those people who keep telling me "it goes by so fast" really know what they're talking about and so I wish wish wish I could freeze time right here at this moment. thanks for sharing all these great writers with me. Once again, i'm amazed at all the wonderful this world has to offer.


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