Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wishful Thinking {guest post ~ Jeanne Oliver }

I grew up in a small town in Illinois.  Sometimes you know you won't stay and that the world is calling you.  Sometimes the very things you ran later will come to long for.  When I go home now to see my parents, it is the little things that bring peace and joy.  

I think the corn looks so beautiful when it is high and it lightly sways in the wind.  I love the rich brown of the soil.  The soil that looks like brownie mix and will grow anything.  As the sun sets and all the lightning bugs come out to play.  As they light up the fields as they fly.  The quiet of the country.  How when I am in the country, I want to grab a blanket and cuddle with my husband under the stars.  {No one is looking.  Why not.}  Morning coffee on the porch while there is still dew on the grass.

Someday.  Someday we will have our land.  Our quiet.  Our morning coffees on the front porch.  Our summer nights filled with fireflies.  Our garden ripe from the soil that will grow anything.  Our secret cuddles under the stars.  I don't know where we will find our little bit of land.  But we will.  Someday.  

What are you wishing for?

Jeanne Oliver is one of those people who is extremely talented, beautiful inside and out, and hilarious {I'm talking don't have your mouth full of food or drink when she tells a story or else...that kinda funny}.  I'm hoping she visits me one day soon, or at least I get to see her again next year at ALT.  She sticks with you that Jeanne...a country girl with a city flair who you just don't want to lose track of on your friendship radar.   

[images via Jeanne Oliver]


  1. she is really sooo talented...thanks for the introduction. Love your sweet post today!

  2. What a beautiful wish I too wish a quiet place to live. xx

  3. I am wishing for our renovation to be all wish shall come true.

  4. I'm pretty sure your land will be on the west coast, seeing as what I am sure you are *really* wishing for is to live closer to me!!! That is what I am wishing for! Gorgeous images girlie - and I now what you mean about the pull of the midwest - especially those lightening bugs! I wish my kids had them on our farm as they grow up as I have such sweet memories of them as a child~

  5. xox...I found joy today over here.

  6. Thank you for your sweet words! You better believe you will see me next year at ALT!!! You are going to be my roomie...right?????

  7. my dream is the same, only it is here in arkansas. land and a little country house, porch and coffee and fireflies. someday...

  8. beautiful words my friend
    simple & eloquent


  9. Gorgeous post! Love these pictures.

  10. Oh, you know I'm all over this. And interestingly, on Sat. (my writing day) I wrote the phrase "chocolate cake dirt". I had to smile when I saw your brownie mix reference. So true!

  11. For just one day, my parents would stop on the side of the ride and hoist me up so I could pick the warm blackberries. Of course I was nine and used to complain long and hard about it, but those are my strongest memories from my childhood in New Zealand...

  12. so beautiful.

  13. Hi Mel,
    this is a great post, will go and have a look at her blog, you always have these great links, thanks for sharing! I found Jamie via you too, love what she does with words right?
    Have a good weekend, Maureen x

  14. Oh, I wish for the same, except being a city girl all my long life I have never had the pleasure of knowing what you have, a girl can dream, no?

  15. oh i adore these photos. so beautiful.

  16. Thank you... it was so beautifully said.
    So serene.

    I wish/pray to finally move with my travel trailer to my own land (in the country) and start building!

  17. oh so sweet!! I love that you two know each other!! oxoxoxoxo!!!


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