Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wishful Thinking {a guest post ~ the space between ms and mrs}

letting in the light ~

this past weekend i spent 3 days at wanderlust, an epic music and yoga festival in the mountains of vermont.  surrounded by yogis and activists, spiritual teachers and seekers and lovers of life in all shapes and sizes, all ages, genders and sexual orientations…my heart continued on its journey…and the crack got a bit wider.

that’s the thing about cracks, once the light starts pouring in….it’s hard to go back to the darkness.

today i wish politicians would realize there are much worthier wars to wage than ones that simply strive to keep people from loving each other.

i wish people would realize no real and worthy god would ever wish ill and pain and suffering on others.

i wish our oceans to heal and that people everywhere could fall asleep in the presence of parents who love them, with bellies full of food and clean water and warmed by the knowledge that they have worth and dignity.

but my biggest  wish for you on this wednesday is that today something comes along and cracks you open too.  this crack….it’s a little uncomfortable.  no, that’s a lie…it hurts like hell and it seems to have brought with it a steamer trunk full of baggage and fear and questions and what-if’s… but it’s also brought its fair share of goose bump laden moments and new ways of looking at the world. and some of those ways… are pure magic. so today i wish something unexpected would stop you in your tracks and some sleepy part of your brain would register and for a moment you’d see a bit of yourself in someone else. when you feel the goose bumps…you’ll  know….

because it starts with you.

we have a long hard battle ahead of us but if you don’t give up on me, i won’t give up on you.

Do yourself a favor and visit Melanie of the space between ms. and mrs. ~ she throws a beautiful soul-enriching party with her words.  And one thing is for sure, I absolutely love every single word of this guest post.  Melanie's wishes mirror some of my very own. Wanderlust Festival?  Sign me up.   

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  1. I love this post. You have no idea how.

  2. i feel the goosebumps... and i know...
    i am grateful and welcome peace...

  3. Melanie, Wanderlust sounds amazzzing. I want to go too! xo Lola

  4. Mel, I totally felt it!! It reached all the way across the oceans and I even posted twice in one day as a result :)
    There's a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in... Leonard Cohen is a genius...

  5. Melanie I know exactly what you mean. We all need to let the light in and feels it's impact. That with which makes us sometimes uncomfortable, is that which allows us to learn and grow. When we stop growing then we don't become the person we are meant to be. Inspiring post, I enjoyed it very much.

  6. thank you for sharing her my friend.
    she. is. wonderbar!

  7. That sounds INCREDIBLE! I didn't even know they had stuff like that!

  8. looks like you had super fun! i love michael franti! i've seen him & spearhead in concert a couple times. good show.

  9. on of my favorite songs and melanie we share the same wishes! you're golden sweet girl. thanks for caring about the important things. love to you both! xo

  10. I'm so glad I found your blog and read this post. It's amazing to read the words of others who have realized that the world can be a completely loving place if only we all realize it. The festival you went to sounds amazing and like something I would absolutely love to attend, too. Thank you, also, for sharing this song. Listening now. : )

  11. i love this post and i love you.

  12. WOW! Your writing is amazing! I love your heartfelt wish. So glad I stumbled onto you from Soul Aperture.

  13. funny how you can follow a few links and end up right where you need to be. thank you for this. said in such a poetic way. xo


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