Friday, June 10, 2011

Soleil ~

I'm giddy.  The pool opens this weekend.  More fun times are on the horizon.  I've got big plans for this Summer.  The crumb and I are going to wear the path out to the community pool, and fingers-crossed, she will know how to swim by the end of this glorious season.  

Also with this warm weather, I've developed a 'dangerous' addiction to home-made ice cream.  My little machine has been churning non-stop ~ lemon verbena {using this recipe as my base for all flavors}, coffee, strawberry, and cherry with raw cocoa nibs.  The tasty concoctions are endless which means the laps I will need to swim daily is a really high number.  I'm okay with that.   

Outdoor movies, library reading challenges, alfresco dining for every meal, farmers markets, concerts in the parks, popsicles, garden-to-table-food, dancing under the stars, soaking up every bit of Summer's magic and then some ~ it's that time of year where I am ready to 'disconnect' and just reconnect to BEING. 

The other day, it struck me that my crumb is no longer a little baby.  She is growing up really fast {and I'm not going to lie, I'm all for the growing up..}, but I'm REALLY loving this age.  She is fun, sweet as pie, full of personality {a real jokester}, and a total sponge. I want this formative time of her life to be off-the-charts incredible because the memories we make will hopefully be what brings a huge smile to her face every time this splendid season of soleil roles around.

Now my sun-bunnies, what are you planning for the blissful months ahead?

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  1. Hmmm, I plan lots of ice cream too. Can't wait - I'm so happy with the weather. O, and definitely some ocean-side time.

  2. Hi Mel,
    Well, ice cream is on our list for sure, although not home made, home bought sounds good too right?
    Enjoy the cali weather, hugs from your fellow dreamer, Maureen x

  3. Dear Mel,
    Your life sounds like Paradise at the moment. Sun, ice-cream and swimming ..... sound's just perfect to me. We have been experiencing some glorious weather for the past 2 months here in the UK but, it has turned a little cooler these past couple of days. I'm afraid that we never know what weather we are going to get here......if it snowed tomorrow, nobody would be suprised !!!!
    I know that your dear little crumb will be swimming like a fish by the end of the summer.
    Much love for a wonderful weekend. XXXX

  4. Love that image since my husband grew up in Monaco.
    I think I may need to get an ice cream maker!
    love anything with lemon....

  5. You always make my day, darling! This post made me dream.

  6. Homemade ice cream...sounds yummy!! Good luck teaching the lil one to swim!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  7. I love this age too. They still want to be with us, but are no longer babies. You can play and learn and enjoy. The tantrums are tough, but understandable. I think starting around 3, 31/2 through now (4 1/2) has been so fun.

  8. Every word of this resonated with me. I also love love love summer and hope to make it magical for my little (ok, not so little) Micah (who turned 3 yesterday...gulp)

  9. Also, care to try lavender blueberry ice cream? It is our favorite and I will happily scan the recipe to you if you like :)

  10. I always smile when I know parents 'get it'. Those memories are truly what we pack up and take with us until we draw our last breath. Every mental snapshot of Popsicle's, running through the sprinkler, flip flops (thongs in my, sand pails and the smell of sunscreen lotion. Your summer with Crumb will be all those wonderful things and so much more. Now...I need to get working on what I promised you for June!!

    All my best to you 3, xx Deb

  11. how lovely your sunny days sound. it actually turned rainy and chillier here than the 100 degrees of last week and I am reveling in the mist, pretending I'm Himalyan.
    Plans to picnic more, camp more, grill some and work on a new website!

  12. Love it!

    Lola x

  13. Sounds like you're having a lovely summer ahead of you!

  14. Long walks in the woods with the pup. Long runs for peace and clear thinking and gardening so I can cook yummy freshness all summer.
    I remember swimming my entire childhood. A our homes had pools.
    My youngest niece just passed her swim survival test, so proud of her she will be 4 next month. Both my nieces have been in swim lessons since they were 6 months old. Their little fish!

  15. Look at you with your homemade ice creams! Sounds positively scrumptious. Hope you enjoyed pool time. xo Lola

  16. Lemon verbena ice cream sounds sooooooo refreshing!

  17. Yes! I have a tan already thanks to being outside everyday in my travels, and now spending lots of unemployed time by the pool with summer reads. My new favorite flavor is Almond Amaretto - heaven!!!

  18. I've been meaning to write about my pool gratitude, too. We have a man who Jeffrey works with who owns an inground pool they hardly use. We have an open invitation to use it because the use helps keep it clean. We've been swimming 5 or 6 times a week. And our friend is delighted. Isn't that a lovely gift? Thank you for reminding me of one more blessing.

  19. I love all the things about summer that you wrote... and am so happy to enjoy it this year with my two little ones, Henry and Amelia, who are going to be two at the end of the summer. We're actually heading back to wisconsin to visit with my parents for a week, and on at least one day, I HAVE to take them to the pool I grew up going to. I can't wait!


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