Wednesday, January 20, 2010

heart. racing. | guest post by karey m

{heart. racing.}

i woke up this morning in a panic. the t.ruffles shoppe is re-opening with fresh sweets. i've found myself smack in the middle of a few overseas projects with serious deadlines and giggle-inducing pay. and? i'm speaking at altitude design summit on a panel with the incredibly cool women behind design milk, making it lovely, and petit elefant.

add all of the above to the wails of the girlies promised us a puppy when we moved back to the states!

good morning.

now this. a guest post on this sight. stunning perfection, all the time. airy and calming, more often than that.

{heart. racing.}

then woke esmé. the youngest of my girlies three by day and my hot water bottle by night. she nuzzled her head on my chest and softly declared, oh goodie. your heart is on. and that was that. my panic - poof! - disappeared, and in its place sat a lovely little shot of gratitude. my heart is on, as it should be. better yet? my heart is racing, which only means exciting things ahead. maybe a wee bit of danger, too. brilliant.

because as i always say - since bright and early this exceptionally good morning - danger is a girl's best friend.

now. in the spirit of racing hearts, i'd love it if you love this video. airy and calming, it is not. stunning perfection, it is.

{heart. racing.}

thank you for reading my words. i mean that from the bottom of my racing heart. i've collected more of my words at mackin ink and the sweeterie (ok! we're re-opening today, which means my guest post is serendipitous!), which is also the home of mary swenson's flat-out fab photos. visit any time you'd like. we're always happy to see you. and mel? this was a treat. thank you....and xoxo. karey m. oh! beauty demo found originally on the beauty file and also on lily and the muse.


  1. I love the way you describe things - another wonderful post !

  2. okay, I HAVE to know who sings that song. (do you know?) It is so Awesome! The whole thing was Wow!

  3. How nice is to read you!

  4. ooh i'm with you on this one friend

    "my heart is racing, which only means exciting things ahead. maybe a wee bit of danger, too. brilliant."


  5. how exciting. the world is always better when your heart is turned on.
    haven't been over to reverie before. definitely coming back...

  6. You are glorious my dear, this video definitely gets the heart racing,I hope you have SUCH a brilliant time at alt. And Melissa ? You are a doll for having Karey here on your beautiful blog.

  7. Your heart is on. Oh, that Esme.

  8. That is one sexy video!! Love it :)

  9. Oh, karey m. ...! I love the way you write - I do. Beautiful. And congrats on all of the exciting news! You just made my day with this wonderful post, lady!


  10. What a video! Definitely a heart racer :) And I will second the question-- who sings that song? Loved it!


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