Friday, September 30, 2011

Falling for Fall ~

My little boho girl.  

Well, almost.  She does still kinda go a little cookoo bananas when she gets too dirty, but for the most part, she likes to roll in the sand, dig her hands and feet deep into the dirt, and learn everything possible about the creepy crawling creatures in the garden. 

She and I was a bit sad to bid farewell to Summer, but we are okay with it now.  As soon as the cool nip cut the air, I immediately switched from green tea to chai tea, and she started pointing out pumpkins instead of pools.  My friends, this is the open-arm signal for Autumn.  Bring on the OktoberFests, the pumpkin patches, and the harvest baskets full of bounty!  

Seasons are a good time for change, and my girl and I are ready to indulge in some new territory together.  

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  1. Great she is growing up. So beautiful.

  2. Such a sweet post. Her dress is adorable, as is she!

  3. What a beautiful post to start my day with. Love it! Happy weekend you all!

  4. I'm so ready for fall, but the temps aren't cooperating. Still in the high 80s this week. I want tea and pumpkins...and boots!!!

  5. wishing you boho-inspired discoveries...the two of you. thank you for the joy and i am wanting some yellow boots and a bouquet of sunflowers...

  6. I really was not ready for summer to end but I love what you said about seasons changing and that being a healthy and necessary change. I need to get on board and embrace that and stop fighting it all...thanks for that reminder.

  7. Oh. My. Goodness Mel. The braids in her hair, her kissable cheeks...and that dress! She is perfection. Is there a word more perfect than that? If so, I would use it to describe your beauty's beauty. You two make very. very. very. good babies. {And I've been bookmarking Fall-ish recipes for a few days now! I'm in the mood for a little bite in the air. Here's to a deliciously naughty Autumn!}

    And seriously. Give Gaia Miette a kiss from me. Those cheeks!

  8. Gaia looks beautiful in her boho ensemble. I don't think Amelia would ever stay still long enough for me to put braids in her hair:)

    Wishing your family a happy autumn with lots of leaf collecting, warm tea, and fall soups...yum. I'm ready, too!


  9. Oh....I think she makes the prettiest little bohemian chicklet!!!!

  10. Little boho girl adorable and grownup! She is growing by leaps and blunds. Lovely. XO

  11. Nice boots! Nothing better to cheer you up than a pair of yellow boots!

  12. Soooo adorable! What a sweetheart : )


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