Monday, September 19, 2011

My Tomato ~

Isn't she a beauty?

My Pop-paw would be proud of this perfect heirloom tomato because it was so juicy and flavorful.  I sliced it up and had it for breakfast ~ placed upon a piece of toasted rye bread smeared with cream cheese and then sprinkled sea salt and ground pepper on top of the plump red fruit of glory.  Seriously, I thought I might cry it was so darn good! 

This garden thing has my emotions on a happy high, for there truly is nothing better than growing your own vegetables which reward you so unselfishly with their mouth-watering taste.

It's a tomato frenzy around here, so share some of your favorite concoctions with me.  Pretty please?!

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  1. Holà dear Mel,
    my tomato frenzy is coming to an end now just to be revived next summer...for the first time, this summer i let tomatoes dry under the sun...this is my new addiction ! :-)

    ps : am sending you my little text tonight...(no i haven't forgotten ! :-)

  2. i would love to sit with you and share one of these moments. oh yes your pop-paw would be proud.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading the comments on this one (I'll check back later!), as I am in NEED of tomato recipes also! Just picked a few yesterday... plus we have a few from our csa box that we need to use up!

    I agree entirely in regards to gardening. We recently planted for fall, and this will be the first year that we keep our garden going year-round (as opposed to summer only). Adds a lovely sense of anticipation & pleasure :).

  4. My mouth is watering with the thought of what a delicious treat a home grown tomato is. Especially placed upon rye bread with cream cheese, salt and pepper. Might have to change my lunch plans for today.

  5. there's no comparison to the tomato fresh from your own garden {well, in my case my dad's---which is almost better}.
    it's hard to beat the naked, raw, sweet as it is tomato. but add a garden fresh leaf of basil, a beautiful burrata, a sprinkle of THAT balsamic and you got yourself a feast.

  6. Heirloom tomatoes are one of the most glorious foods in the world. I bought some today and sauteed them up to use as a sauce for a spaghetti squash I roasted. It was so delicious.

  7. It's perfect! wow!! I would never want to cut it!

  8. Oh, Melissa. I'm so proud of you and your heirloom. Seriously, she's a real beauty. And yes, that breakfast sounds perfect. I LOVE tomato soup. It's an all-time favorite. Plan to bring back soup monday with my first attempt sometime very soon. And I also live for a good bruschetta with fresh cherry tomatoes. Hmmm, I'm so hungry right now.

  9. A good old tomato sandwich does it for me - whole wheat bread, butter, tomato slices, salt.
    I also like diced tomatoes on top of scrambled eggs. The simple stuff of late summertime.
    Thanks for the beautiful tomato photo - perfection!

  10. Mel,

    A grocery store tomato can NEVER compare to the delcious sweet and tangy taste of a homegrown tomato. Unfortunately this year most Texas have had tomato plants and NO tomatoes due to the very high day/nighttime temperatures.
    Most people pulled their tomatoes up around July and August and gave up on them, but I continued to care for mine and now that the temps have dropped, they look vivacious~I'm still hopefull for a fall crop.

    Here's one of my favorite tomato snacks or sides for a breakfast or dinner.
    Besides sea salt and cracked pepper, add some fresh dill sprigs-Absolutely delicious!

    I'm looking forward to our chat!


  11. so fun to pop over and see your dreamy blog... miss you... hope you are well. oxoxo!


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