Friday, January 7, 2011

Last Evening ~

During our last trip to London, McDreamy and I enjoyed roaming through the galleries of the St. James's district, and one night, we accepted a spontaneous invite to an artists reception in honor of Paul Hedley.  Of all the beautiful pieces, this particular one, Last Evening, captured my heart, and there isn't a week that goes by that I don't retrieve the image and just stare.  I'm not  exactly sure what I adore most ~ the obvious sultry warmth of a Riviera evening, a romantic candlelight dinner on a secluded balcony, or her blissful contentment of an extraordinary beautiful moment.  This is the wonderful gift of art ~ its magic constantly lingers within our minds and renews our spirits. 

Oh the power of a brushstroke....

[Last Evening by Paul Hedley]


  1. I can see why you love's mesmerizing!

  2. Thank you for this, I didn't know Paul Hedley, but I just took a minute to Google him and found all sorts of goodies.
    What I love about this painting is that it's so obviously the riviera.

  3. I like the sublime expression on her lovely face. His brushstrokes throughout the painting are beautiful. There is so much to look at. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh what a delectable piece.....makes me wish that I was on a balcony somewhere warm. There are so many wonderful and talented artists in the world and it's lovely to be introduced to another one.
    Lots of love to you and your lovely family for 2011. XXXX

  5. It's one of those images that just makes you sigh....a good sigh.

  6. This painting is beautiful...perfect colours!

    Weekend hugs my friend. oxox

  7. What a gorgeous, gorgeous painting to share Mel. Actually it is quite fascinating so I can understand why you look at it often. Happy new Year and I know crumb is better behaved that my new puppy! Much love XO and xo

  8. This is a stunning image. It makes me sigh and my soul stretch just to look at it. Thank you so much for sharing it here. I'd never "met" Paul Hedley. Oh, I do love to discover a new artist. Thank you, thank you.

  9. It is stunning Mel, as are your words describing it.
    Happy New Year to you my friend!

  10. thank you, mel. it really is brilliant.

  11. Absolutely magnetic and tranquil... pulls me in as well and you can almost sense the warmth of the evening air in the painting. What a perfect addition to a serene spot in your home!

  12. This really is beautiful! The colors are very warm and it does draw you in.

    A Whole Lotta Love,

  13. My gosh... this piece is to die for... It's absolute perfection... XoXo

  14. Oh, she is just beautiful. I love the warmth, the sparkle, and the intimacy of this piece. Thanks for sharing it, Melissa! xo Gigi

  15. she's beautiful. but she doesn't hold a candle to you love.

  16. oh ...

    oh ...

    oh my ...

    breathtakingly beautiful ...

    taking our thoughts to so many places ...

    i can almost smell the night air ...

    and feel the anticipation ...

    you are so blessed to have attended a reception in honour of this artist
    and we are so blessed that you have shared with us his exquisite work!
    warm hugs to you always, melissa ~

  17. She looks like she's about to fall into another world .
    I can see why you stare at this painting often... it's a visual escape.

  18. I completely agree. Kelly and I used to live in DC and I really miss all the incredible museums. I have a memory in the National Gallery of Art that I was just thinking about the other day....My mom was visiting and I took her to see the John Singer Sargent exhibit. We were going through the different rooms when I turned a corner and literally gasped quietly. The painting Carnation Lily Lily Rose was so incredible in person. How he used paint to show light is breathtaking. The lanterns looked like they had been lit by modern day electricity. It was truly one of the most stunning paintings I have ever seen.

  19. That is so beautiful. So dreamy. Sigh...


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