Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Country Girl

Now that I'm a 'country' girl, I've been thinking this skirt is a definite must for Spring/Summer.  Ever since I saw it here, my thoughts have returned to its perfection...and since I'm dreaming, add those shoes to the mix too.  Those beauties would make aerating the garden soil enjoyable and chic, non?   Seriously, I might just have to try my hand at replicating this wrap-around of appliqué whimsy {or hope someone in my family catches the would be a perfect handmade birthday gift!}.

[Image via the fabulous Dustjacket Attic]


  1. You will be the most chic country girl ever, my sweet friend. I owe you a note, which I will write tomorrow in between bouts of shoveling snow. Seriously, I am sooooooooo over winter right now I could cry. On the other hand, your new move has me brimming with happiness for all three of you. Sending love and warm hugs,
    Gigi xo

  2. My pillow came in the mail today!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!! I love it! And, yes I can't wait to visit you!! XO!

  3. i love this... i clipped it awhile ago... i still love it!
    hope you are doing well... sorry i have been missing in action...
    xx pam

  4. "...aerating the garden soil..." ha! So that's what those mile-high shoes are good for. :)

  5. So pretty...but I would kill myself in those shoes!

  6. it is different. I just wander if I am too short for that kind of open skirt :-)

  7. Oh I love the shoes too...and that sweet little country shirt. Go girl!

    Thank you xxxxx DJ

  8. Wow, I love it too... perfect skirt to wear on a warm breezy day!

  9. That skirt really is something else, though I doubt you'd want to do too much digging and planting in it. But you'd so be the talk of the town.

  10. kitten, it does NOT count if you don't wear those fabulous shoes too.
    impractical? maybe.
    but practicality is overrated.....and apparently hard to spell....took me three rounds just now? {yay UCLA education}


  11. I just LOVE this skirt, it's so adorable!!

  12. Beautiful those shoes!

    I'm so happy to find your gorgeous blog. I was surprised and delighted to read that you now live in my neck of the woods. I'm just over the Oakville Grade from Napa Valley in Kenwood (a little town between Glen Ellen and Santa Rosa).

    I hope you enjoy living in this area as much as I do.

    Warm regards,

  13. Need the skirt. Need those legs. Need that wall. Need the perfect breeze. And one more thing. What have I forgotten? Oh, yes. My man. This post sent me...

  14. Oh, how I wish I had the skills. I'd whip it up for you in a heart beat. It would look fabulous in your new backyard.

  15. Oh yes Mel I can see you in this with a big straw the rich soil of your new nest tucked in the vineyards~~~ I was thinking a name for your series could be
    "Simply Vineyards".......
    love you all..give the crumb a ladybug kiss from me please~
    Hugs to you and Sean too...

  16. I've never seen country look so chic! I love it!! I'm new to your blog and I'm already getting inspired! So happy I stumbled across your blog today! It was a pleasure to *meet* you!

    <3 Ashley
    ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com

  17. I think you would look fabulous in that. For myself, I love the shirt and the shoes, I don't wear skirts too often. Congrats on your move to the wine country. I am longing to go up there this summer! xxoo :)

  18. Just go for it! Why not?
    Fit for a Merlot!


  19. your little one needs a skirt just like that!

  20. you're in the wine country now?! HOW FUN!!!!!

    enjoy your new locale...and post pics! i just love the 'country'.

  21. Great skirt! Thanks so much for your encouraging words! You always know when to say the right thing... I'm looking forward to your Napa adventures as well :)

  22. and show some leg like this chica! :)

  23. nice. like country side schleßwig holstein. (google it :-)


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