Monday, April 25, 2011

From Paris ~ With Love

Last week, we were spoiled.  Our friend, Sherry, returned from Paris with indulgent gifts, and the crumb will most likely never be the same after her over-dose on Ladurée teddy bear chocolates....she is begging for us to take her to "the city where chocolate is so pretty".  I have to admit, I love that my kid recognizes the beauty in food as well as the sharp taste buds to appreciate quality at its finest.  She makes her mama proud!

I never thought sour apple would rank high on my  Ladurée macaroon list of favorites, but its lime green goodness will hold steady in the top 5.  And there is an addiction growing over the Jean-Paul Hévin mendiants, we love  how the ginger and fig pair so perfectly with the smooth dark chocolate. So thank you Sherry for putting all our senses into over-drive ~ our eyes cannot stop looking at the  perfection of these works of art, and our taste buds are dancing with glee.  The only problem is that we are now suffering from a severe case of Paris wanderlust...

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  1. Ooh.. that looks delicious! Those macaroons!!! Rozalinde

  2. Oh, Melissa, I've never tried the sour apple, and now I feel I really must! What gorgeous, thoughtful gifts. I was just saying over the weekend how much I long for a trip to Paris. Alas, it's not in the cards this year, but maybe next? :)

    Hope your Easter was beautiful, my friend. xo Gigi

  3. Dear One,
    Sour green macaroon!??!?!? Sounds heavenly~~~The Crumb has tasted quality before she was ever born:)
    Hugs today!

  4. It sounds like your little crumb is growing up quite well. I mean, what more do little girls need than the best chocolates and macarons in the world? (Well, love, obviously, but I'm sure she's getting lots of that.)

  5. Oh boy...decadence! I would love to try that apple macaroon...sounds divine!

  6. Mel,

    What a sweet and thoughtful friend you have to have brought home such a marvelous stash of Parisian treats. I can just imagine little Gaia's face after her first taste of Ladurée chocolat!

    Ayez une bonne semaine,


  7. oh wow- what a great gift to bring someone! I've never tried an apple macaron, but I definitely won't pass up the opportunity in the future if it comes my way!

  8. Yumm, what a treat! I can't wait to try Laduree some day : )

  9. What a treat. Delicious. I totally love macaroons!

  10. i hope they tasted as beautiful as they looked. the colors are memorizing!

  11. these teddy bears are way too cute and a case of Paris wanderlust doesn't sound too bad ;) lucky you!


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