Friday, April 1, 2011

April {My Month}

April is my favorite month of the entire year, and I was lucky enough to be born within its 30 days of blossoming Spring splendor {perhaps this has a lot to do with my adoration}. Everything is so fresh and alive.  A palette of pastels spreads across the landscapes, gardens are planted, nests are filled with life, parks and  outdoor cafes echo with laughter, winter skin is warmed by the sun's rays,  and our souls seem to be renewed with vibrant energy along with a healthy dose of languid repose.  

I'm going to soak up every bit of sunshine this weekend has to offer, and I hope wherever you are, you feel the warmth upon your shoulders too.  Bonne fin de semaine ~

[The Hammock, Giovanni Boldini]



  1. Enjoy your time of repose, and Happy Birthday. The painting is gorgeous.
    Bon weekend,

  2. I have a hammock just like that! All I need is the dress and those pretty pink shoes to go with.
    Enjoy your April month. Happy Birthday!

  3. Yay for April birthdays! Although I have to admit, that month had much better weather when I lived in Florida! Now I live farther up north (which I prefer), but that means lots and lots and LOTS of rain (and usually some snow!) in April. :/ Here's to hoping it warms up again by the time my birthday (the 17th!) rolls around! :)

  4. YEAH! SPring! Right now... it is snowing where I live and we are expected to get over a foot in some parts of the state. hehe. So... it was sooo nice to read this post... gave me a glimpse of spring and the promise of it's coming.

  5. Clearly you don't live in Seattle... :)
    Enjoy your month my friend - the sunshine, the awakening blooms, the outdoor lattes~
    Have a marvelous weekend,

  6. Happy weekend my dear friend.

  7. Can you remind me of the actual date of your blessed birth? I'm a loser and did not write it down when I asked you a while back. And can you help me to better understand the other April baby in my life? She confuses me so...

    P.S. Welcome home to Cali. Can't wait to hear about your southern adventure.

  8. It's finally gotten warm and sunny here in San Diego and there's nothing better than feeling the sunshine on your skin. No better way to welcome April, if you ask me. Hope you're having a lovely April day!

  9. I hear you about the soft palette colours and renewal of energy...Wishing you a sweet and colorful spring, dear Mel!
    this hammock is just too divine and so are the pink ruffles...

  10. Oh to have a hammock right now...
    My husband and I have contemplated adding one to our revamped garden.
    How is your garden planning coming along?

    Bon week-end,

  11. just found you via DJ Attic...going to do a little perusing around your blog and lovely shop!
    From a fellow april-birthday person! xoxo

  12. That photo is so dreamy. I hope you enjoy every single second of your birthday month, Mel! xo.

  13. I love April too! Just noticed all the birds chirping about has made my days happier.

    Please vote for me on Monday on Facebook & Twitter, as I'm a finalist for the blogger HomeAway BlogAway to win a trip to the Royal Wedding!!



  14. It seems so right to me that your birthday is in April, Melissa. It is so full of promise and light and all things sweet that of course it is your month!!!

    This makes me all the more happy that I will be sending you something soon. Please forgive me for taking so long. I'm having *so* much making a little treasure box for you. You are patient and good.

    Love to you! xoxo Gigi

    P.S. Why don't I look this lovely when I take a nap?! :)

  15. what a beautiful post... mostly because this is the month of your birthday.
    : )

  16. Happy birth month & happy Spring (also my fave)!

  17. Hip hip hooray for April babies!

    What a sumptuous work of art. xo Lola

  18. hoping your spring and birth month is the most wonderful and magical one!

  19. Sweet Mel!

    I love how you put this beautiful month into the most perfect words. You were born into one of the best months :)

    I miss you and will be in touch soon so we can catch up!

    Thinking of you with lots of love,


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