Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wishful Thinking {guest post ~ à la parisienne}

Time with our young children is so fleeting, and their sweet minds are so impressionable and eager to learn. Before Amelia was born, I had this deep desire, and every day I spend with her, this desire grows. I wish to homeschool my daughter.

Aside from long division, spelling, biology, and French, I desire to teach her other skills, model values, and give her experiences that reach far beyond the so called academic world.

I wish to:

*Read to her and listen to her read; teach her about the value of holding old, 
musky pages in her hands and reading a real book.

*Place seeds in her hands above the rich soil; 
teach her about growing food and caring for the earth.

*Bring her to the post office as we send an order to a foreign land; 
teach her how to run a business from home.

*Sing the song "My Country 'Tis of Thee;" 
teach her to respect and have allegiance for her country.

*Take her on mission trips; teach her about serving others and selfless giving.

*Bring her to nursing homes and visit widows from our church; 
teach her about loving and caring for others.

*Give her measuring cups and mixing bowls; 
teach her how to prepare delightful, healthy meals .

*Visit national parks and foreign countries; 
teach her geography as we behold it.

*Hand her a paint brush, a needle and thread; 
teach her how to use her imagination.

*Sit at the piano with her, play a song together, sing; teach her music and its value for the soul-its ability to comfort, to produce joy, to awaken.

*Memorize  Bible verses  with her; teach her about the truth in God's Word 
and the everlasting promise it holds.

*When tragedies strike and when we encounter heartache, teach her not to be afraid, 
not to lose hope-that God has the "Whole World in His Hands."

As a parent, I believe that it is my privilege and my duty to positively shape the way my daughter views and interacts with the world around her. It is my wish to provide this wealth of knowledge from our home-everyday.

Mandy, the very sweet, beautiful, and talented lady of à la parisienne is one of those special connections that come along through blogging.  We have never met in real life, but I know the lucky day we do, it will be an instant bonding session.  I'm not sure there isn't anything she can't do ~ she is fluent {and teaches} French, designs and creates romantic accessories, captures stunning images through her camera lens, and most importantly is an extraordinary mother.

[images: à la parisienne]


  1. Lovely, lovely thoughts Mandy....daughters are so precious, not a minute of the precious time we have with them can be lost...xv

  2. all children should have nurturers like you.
    my twins are now 18 and the hands of time move swiftly so enjoy every second. the early years are formative.

  3. So so beautiful Mandy...what a lucky little girl to have a mother such as you.

  4. this makes me happy. we used to sing he's got the whole world in his hands every day and wake up to rise and shine. when my great aunt mary jack died (and all the chillens were in their 20's and 30's), my aunt rented out a big house where we could all stay in the town where we were burying jack and it was pretty open. and much to our surprise (and rare delight that day), my cousin katie woke us all up by singing rise and shine and give God his glory, glory.

  5. These are the lessons children need to learn. I've thought about how I'd want to raise children when I have them and there's something I find appealing about homeschooling a child too. There are so many beautiful things the world can teach us if we know how to watch and listen.

  6. Mandy is extraordinary! What a wondrous wishlist. xo Lola

  7. What a beautiful wish for our children. Mandy you are a beautiful soul and knowing you through blogging is a true honor. Melissa this is a magical series. I can't wait to read all of the guest posts. After all, wishes and dreams make the world go around.

  8. this special post took my breath away... how amazing to be able to write down so much love through a teaching list. thanks for sharing.

  9. this is such a wonderful list.

  10. Beautiful post!
    What a wonderful series Mel! I need to catch up on my reading!

  11. I am so excited for all of you!!!

  12. Lovely post. My dear mom (with the support of my dad) home schooled my 3 sisters and me all the way through. We're all college grads (two of my sisters have masters degrees and one is working on her PHD) and people who care for others and want to better the world in our own small way. It wasn't easy, but what a gift of sacrifice and love it was to us. Thanks for sharing your dreams with us. If it's in your heart to do it - by all means, do!

  13. Nice one! I agree...not too many people think of these things but they are crucial because there are so many distractions, so many unimportant things out there clouding our otherwise simple and inspiring lives. But through these things is where the peace is at, and ultimately what everyone is after--Cheers!

  14. Mandy,
    I give you an A+ on this post! I wish you all your dreams to teach Amelia come true. Everything you want to do with her has real value. And truth that God truly does have the whole world in His hands! Beauty beholds in your heart and to teach her through your eyes is the best gift she will ever know.
    Big Hugs & Bug kisses to you both!


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