Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wishful Thinking ~

If I had one wish, it would be for everyone on this planet to have access to affordable and fresh organic food.  Around every corner, there would be communal gardens offering seasonal goodness and local farmers sharing the fruits of their labors with one and all.  

Healthy food, food which is the gift of the Earth, is so incredibly important to me.  My entire life revolves around it, for I am a firm believer in you are what you eat.  As the old adage states, "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away" is a simple truth.  What we put into our bodies equates to our overall health ~ Eat Good, Feel Good. 

Whenever I leave my 'bubble' of Northern California, I immediately begin to worry about where I will find the food which my family and I are used to eating.  This should not be a worry.  It is not fair to be considered 'high maintenance' because I expect local, seasonal food wherever I go.  What happened to the history of planting, growing, and eating food from a local garden?  Why has genetically engineered corn become the base for most everything in a typical diet?  

Perhaps I'm naive, but I truly believe if every person on this Earth had access to the edible greatness which comes from unaltered soils, then hunger, disease, healthcare, the environment and more would be impacted in a positive way.  

Wishful thinking of a healthier, happier world is something I do not plan to stop.  Anything is possible if we set our minds to it, take action towards change, and support the efforts of those who are making a difference.  One life, one body, one chance ~ we are all worth it.

**This post is the first of a new series, Wishful Thinking.  Each Wednesday, an admired blogger will share their thoughtful wishes.  There are no boundaries.  The platform is open to all things great and small, and I anticipate Wednesdays will be quite wonderful around here. 


  1. Will you open a little b & b - love to eat and sleep there...your food, your taste, your devotion to eating healthy are all something I admire.

  2. Great makes me want to go food shopping and select only the best!

    Jeanne x

  3. Great wish. One thing I miss about CA is all the fresh wonderful produce. Here we do have farmers markets and fresh options, but not quite as varied or plentiful. This sounds like a great Wed series. I'm looking forward to reading it!

  4. Melissa, this is such a beautiful post and I agree with every single word you wrote. Anytime I go someplace new, I look for farm-to-table restaurants. They're almost always the best and the people there often are able to tell you where else to go to get fresh, seasonal food. I think this world needs to be pushed in that direction. Our current food system simply isn't sustainable.

  5. I so agree my sweet friend...we a blessed in this area to have some great markets. xoxoxox

  6. oh I sooooo hear you! We just signed up for an organic veggie co-op. And it made me think how wonderful the world would be if everyone would do that!!!

  7. here here beautiful lady.
    what puzzles me, is that don't people TASTE the difference?
    fresh, local, unpackaged, organic food tastes completely different to me. also, produce from my farmers' market is less expensive than from the giant superstore.
    while health and environment are forefront, you'd think one's palate and pocketbook would make the ultimate decision.
    but i do understand convenience. i know not everyone has access to farm fresh markets and restaurants. pity.

  8. I love this post my friend~ I am so envious that your seasonal offers so much more than our seasonal. However, we are blessed to have year-round farmer's markets here which I frequent weekly. #4 and I spent yesterday at our favorite nursery planning our summer gardens and buying our seeds!
    Have a great week - I look forward to following this series!

  9. Mel,

    The content you share on your blog and your passion for healthy eating really has impacted the way I view eating. I am not the perfect eater as I have a few unhealthy snacks that I crave from time to time, but overall, I do try to feed my family healthy foods-As for organic food, not always. You're right. It can be so expensive and it takes a deliberate effort to eat organic foods.
    I would love to participate in communal gardens in my area. I just started a garden club at our church, and we all plan to share our produce with each other and with those who are financially struggling within our church and community.
    Thank you for sharing your passion for healthy eating and for sharing such delicious, nutritious recipes with us.

  10. Fantastic post and images Melissa, especially that pretty lady :) You are right, we only have one chance. I am grateful for all the fresh markets here in Paris. We have a place in the country too, and this year we plan to get serious with our veggie garden this year. Like Mandy, you have inspired me to start eating healthier as much as possible.
    Looking forward to your WIshful Wednesdays.

  11. First of all I love the pictures you used, so colorful and filled with life, second being an organic junkie myself, I completely agree with your sentiments. I don't know if you have seen Food Inc (most who are into the organic movement have...) but it really strengthens your desire to seek organic and support your's to hoping we see a change!

  12. I am taking a food systems class that has enlightened me to food justice issues, accessibility, elitism, and it has been all together insightful. Just last week I did a presentation on home preserving bringing in samples of pear vanilla jam and quick pickled carrots. I really appreciate this post. XO!!!!! Would love to visit with you in April!?

  13. Don't ever stop your wishful thinking, Mel. It is simply the best. Feels like a basic human right for all to enjoy fresh and seasonal food. We certainly do produce enough to feed the world and yet so many go hungry or malnourished. It's heartbreaking. But your images and words lift me up and encourage me to continue tending my tiny garden. Can't wait to see yours flourish.

  14. It seems so simple, everyone deserves good, fresh and nutritious food! The fact that the worst food is in our schools is criminal to me. I am wishing right along with you.

    Thank you for this post!

  15. i'm with you on this wish. maybe if enough of us wish it, our dream will come true? i sure hope so.
    the new series sounds awesome! i will definitely be following along.

  16. That is a wonderful wish and along with it...clean water.
    Thanks for this inspirational post!

  17. yes and yes. couldn't hope for more.

  18. YES, Melissa - I am so with you on this! Great post!

  19. I love this idea, Melissa. Can't wait to see more.

  20. I agree 100%
    amazing photos, too!!

  21. Melissa, I would make the same wish. We have a wonderful organic food market located in Union Square in New York Saturdays and Sundays and it is always such a treat to shop there. Beautiful pictures. They actually inspired me to make fresh veggy soup.:-)

  22. OH,Mel! I love your train of thoughts, you wish is mine too!
    I try to feed my family organic, healthy and diverse on local and seasonal food!
    It's getting better!

  23. Well said Mel. I've been sticking with a non-processed foods regimen for the past few weeks and I feel great! I'm not doing all organic fruits and veggies, but just all natural for the most part (is wine considered a processed food??-ha!).

    Loved seeing the picture of you and your sweet daughter in Kimberly's post today. ;)

  24. I totally agree. My organic eating family are considered higher maintenance than my vegetarian/celiac sister. Your photos made me wish our farmer's markets were open...two more months...I have to rely on what I canned and froze from last year's bounty. Local and organic is still possible up north if you process it yourself and it is still usually better than what is available in the grocery stores!

  25. It's always great to wish! And your's is great!
    follow me and I'll follow you!
    xoxo, Amanda Archambault

  26. What a beautifully written post! And I couldn't agree with you more. I find it so amazing to support our local, organic farms, planting our own herbs, visiting farmers markets - The food gives you energy and makes you feel so wonderful! I wish our society would learn to appreciate and value our food more and bring it back to organic roots. xo Samantha
    ps. I am so looking forward to Wednesdays!

  27. I know what you mean! I wish that too. You definitely have it better in California than in most places!

  28. Hi Mel,
    I just found your blog via Kimberly's, and glad I did. Truly lovely to read your posts, I just strolled quickly through it, need more time to read some more. I see that we have some things in common, I have girls too, two human and one pug. Happy follower I am, enjoy the weekend,

  29. ...and I see we both love to Daydream x

  30. Love this series and love this wish. Everyweek when I head to the grocery store I wish I had access to what you most likely do in N. CA. Even the nearest Trader Joes and Wholes foods is 50 miles away- sigh. I do my best with what I have access too but always drool when I see photos like this and think about just popping in at the local farmers market, seeing what looks best and then cooking with that. Heaven!

  31. I can't imagine a better wish. I feel lucky that I live in a town with a year-round farmers' market, a Whole Foods, and a Trader Joe's. And I feel lucky that I can afford organic foods. Healthy food shouldn't be a luxury item; it should be something everyone has access to. You are completely right when you say that so many things would be better if everyone could eat organic, whole foods. Imagine if every town had a community garden, and every school had a vegetable plot, and every child ate fresh vegetables every day . . .


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