Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wishful Thinking {Guest Blogger ~ Souled}

I believe in possibilities, so I tend to wish a lot.

Some of my wishes are tiny and silly, like wishing someone would deliver almond and honey-drizzled toast to my bed every morning. Some are work-related, like wishing before every house showing that my clients fall in love and see their next home as soon as I unlock that door.

And some of my wishes are flat-out heartbreaking to me. Like wishing my life was bustling with two babies and one on her joyful way. Wooden blocks and scrambled eggs and finger paints and dance parties after late-afternoon naps. Their daddy coming home to us just as the sun goldens. And then it all begins again.

Until that wish comes true, I guess I'll keep dreaming.

Oh, that's the way with wishes, isn't it? When all of your wishes come true, all your dreams disappear.

Jamie is the beautiful bright soul behind the brilliantly written blog, SOULED.  She weaves words into stories that sparkle, and I swear she makes the stars twinkle brighter and the sun's rays cheerfully glisten every where she goes ~

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  1. this is so lovely xx
    thought about some of my wishes...
    have a great week!

  2. Wishes and dreams...always about the waiting...and often that is the really magical part....xv

  3. I guess that's why it's important to always be dreaming, so you always have wishes to make come true. Jamie's incredible. Such a beautiful post.

  4. I think wishes and dreams are what keep us going at times, especially during the hard times.

    Beautifully written post.


  5. mmmmmmmm. setting the bar high that jamie girl. so damn good.

  6. Jamie sure does know a thing or too about wishes and making them come true!

  7. My favorite thing to do each day is dream...Dreaming is absolutely wonderful! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  8. my plan is to keep dreaming too :) love this post! thanks for introducing me to this great new blog! xoxo {av}

  9. What a beautiful and soulful post! I knew I would fall in love with Wednesday! Can't wait to check out her blog! Thank you for the introduction. xo Samantha

  10. Once we give up our special dreams- we gently close the door on what will be. A beautiful and
    dreamy post~ as always dear Mel. xox

  11. Oh that was so touching Jamie, lovely to meet you. What a gorgeous photo too.
    xxx DJ

  12. a beautiful pot of hope, love and wishes... I will wish for you too Jamie. oxo

  13. Wishes and dreams - it's all about the journey! Beautiful post! xxoo :)

  14. I have been meaning to comment on this post for days! I loved it and am thankful to have been introduced to Souled!

    Happy weekend Mel!

  15. I love this line: I believe in possibilities, so I tend to wish a lot. It's very true for me, too.

  16. wishes and dreams! truly these are what make life wonderful!


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