Monday, March 28, 2011

Cuban Bread

Last week while in Florida, we discovered a hidden gem in the heart of Ybor City ~ La Segunda Bakery.  McDreamy and I will search out any establishment that boasts a history of upholding tradition, and this corner bakery has stood the test of time and discerning palates {including ours}.  They bake 7,000 loaves of bread per day, and  place a freshly cut leaf of palmetto across the top of each loaf to create the signature split down the middle ~ a true sign of authentic Cuban bread.

We paired our warm buttered Cuban toast with a café con leche, and there wasn't  a word spoken until every bite and sip was savoured.  

Do you have a favorite bread?  I'm determined to successfully bake bread this year, and the recipes are waiting to be tackled despite how much they daunt me.  Any suggestions or tried-and-true tips you wish to share in regards to yeasts, temperatures, and such...well, I'm all ears {and eyes}.


  1. You must see a company called "Hot Bread" - woman sharing family recipes of baked bread. I love making banana bread, an easy dutch oven bread for my family. Hot bread and butter leaves me speechless and well a bit more to love of me when I am all done. Yum.

  2. That does sound amazing... especially the cafe con leche part : )
    I love discovering new bakeries!

  3. Seven THOUSAND?! A day?! Wowzers!!! How tips from me, I'm afraid! Gorgeous photos, and glad you're all having fun. And, of course, thank you so much for the sweet wishes for upcoming bundle of joy!

  4. Fresh baked bread is amazing. I've only ever made French bread, but I love it. The smell, the taste, the process...I love it.

  5. I have to have a favorite bread? It's impossible -- I love different types in different ways. There's a whole wheat that a local bakery here in San Diego makes which is always perfect with jam, but grilled cheeses, french toasts, bread puddings, and simple bread and butter require other types. But now I really want to get my hands on some of this Cuban bread. It looks so delicious!

  6. oh.....that place looks amazing. We have a little place here that i ordered some butterscotch bread pudding on Friday night for our friends...yum.
    I leave in two days for Florida...and i can.not.wait

  7. how amazing. they look delicious. I love the brazilian 'french' bread, which it looks a lot like this one and is also usually paired with 'cafe com leite'.

  8. My favorite bread is Ciabatta or Foccacia bread! Soo declious! I love discovering new bakeries!! It's always an adventure to see what they have!

    Melanie's Randomness

  9. Oh how i adore bread my fav is this amazing pumpkin seed yummy with a bowl of yummy soup.

    Happy MONDAY!

  10. Yum! I love fresh baked bread of any kind!

    I've recently had success with bread baking and have learned a great way to get it to rise. I'll stick the dough covered in my oven (turned off) with a pan of hot water underneath. It stays a nice even temp & my bread always rises nicely.

    Good luck!

  11. This is looking and sounding like a little slice of heaven. I know you will master bread and I hope I'll be there to enjoy it...fresh from the oven with a pile of butter. O.k. well my favorite is a toss up between garlic rosemary and an olive loaf. Both make the most amazing toast and grilled cheese. And now I just need to stop because the images I'm conjuring up are down right dirty.

  12. Oh this is sooo my childhood. I grew up eating Cuban bread (and it doesn't get more authentic than La Segunda!)

  13. Hmmm, good! I am German and bread is a main staple! I am still searching for the perfect every day bread. But the Belgian bakery's 'Le Pain Quotidian' bread comes close to perfection. I love a rye sourdough, no caraways....
    Or a good french baguette!
    Baking is goodness for the soul! I am baking all kinds of things, but bread rarely!


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