Friday, March 25, 2011


Do you ever have those days that feel like a dress rehearsal for something big?  Hours spent in earnest preparing for the 'show', moments of anxiety, sleepless nights, and a bevy of creative thoughts crashing into one another waiting for that moment of sheer brilliance to shine and allow the 'curtain' to rise for the first act of what will inevitably set the tone for one of your life's greatest plays.  

Lately, there has been an inspirational 'storm' brewing within, and I'm working through all the stuff that tends to block the flow of piecing all the  'characters' together.  Multiple pirouettes of ideas dancing in my mind will hopefully unite in synchronized beauty allowing for a star to be born.  

Perhaps our thoughts are always in the midst of a rehearsal ~ continuously warming up to keep our creative juices flowing, pushing us to be our very best, driving us beyond those set limits, and inspiring us to achieve standing ovation performances.   

Either way, I tend to enjoy dress rehearsals and live performances, don't you? 

[The Rehearsal by Edgar Degas viewed on display at the Tampa Museum of Art's Degas Exhibition]


  1. I know exactly what you mean :-)

  2. Fabulous description Mel...have a very happy weekend.....xv

  3. wonderful descriptionj! lovely greetiongs

  4. Ahhhh.............yes! Is that what all that is? You say it best Mel. Xo and xo

  5. Dress rehearsals always have a special energy to them. And for me, the performance in itself was reward enough. If I loved it and it felt good, that's what mattered most. Happy weekend, darling!

  6. Well, now you've got me wondering where you are going with all of this...hope you fill me in when you return home. Soon, right?

    P.S. I love that you called me on my holiday spirit! I knew someone would remind me of my terrible track record!

  7. So beautifully described! Happy weekend to you! xxoo :)

  8. First of all...Degas paintings always inspire as I am a retired ballerina...=(. Second, our life is always a rehearsal for what is next, we just get more proficient with our timing and lines the more we rehearse, and third I really hope that your rehearsal turns out to be a great performance (as I am sure it will!)Enjoy your first weekend of spring,xo!

  9. I can not wait to see what this storm brings!

  10. You have such a way with words. Beautiful. I think I can relate! I welcome an inspirational storm:)
    Have a fantastic weekend Mel!

  11. Oh, you just put your finger on it! Feel like that for a while now, something is working out in my mind.
    My son (11) had his first oral presentation in school: AbrahamLincoln's assassination. 15 minutes speech, we had days of rehearsal and today was the day! There were sleepless nights and butterflies and lost voice....All well that ends well!
    Thanks for the wonderful art to see: Oh, Degas' grace!

  12. How timely is your post. This week - our daughter has a week of rehearsals to attend and then the benefit dance on Saturday evening.
    She has a broken wrist too - so this year's performance will take on a very special meaning. We can do our best to prepare but one is not always prepared for what life can toss at us....especially when we fall snowboarding :( The show must go on!
    One of my favorite paintings!


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