Monday, October 10, 2011


Ever since Swiss-Miss introduced an array of cleverly designed temporary tattoos, we have been hooked. 

They last for at least a few days and are definite conversation starters.  But then again, aren't all tattoos {permanent or non} attention getters?   No matter which side of the ink you are on, one thing is for sure, tattoos tell a story.  

What about you ~ inked or not? 


  1. HI Mel
    You're little crumb is growing up so fast.. and I love that you chose a camera tat... I have none.. my hairdresser though recently acquired a few and has been telling her dad they are temporary tattoos.. hehe.. He accused her of not washing the other day... poor girl will have to fess up soon or have her dad worry over the state of her cleanliness!!

    Hope you are yours are well.. Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Ooooo Mel,
    NOT, NOT, NOT !!
    I always think that people with tattoos, women especially, look really grubby and could do with a good wash!!!! A beautiful dress or outfit is completely ruined by a tattoo and, most celebrities want to remove them when they get out of their teens and early twenties.
    Kelly Osbourne, for example, now SO regrets her tattoos and wants to remove them but, many of them are coloured ones and can't be removed.
    Obviously, these transfer ones are not going to be a problem but, it could be the catalyst for permanent ones ! XXXX

  3. Mel - a dear friend of mine worked in a "burn" unit at a hospital and the tatts while on the surface appear artful, the ink goes down into the muscle tissue. I think anything on the skin other than digestible oils should not be
    inked or tatted. Sorry, I guess you are going to get many varying opinions. Just be careful with little crumbs delicate skin. She is so so her Momma.

  4. I think lots of people get ones in haste and then regret them....but for those who have chosen wisely, they are beautiful and meaningful. To each his own, but I do not feel mine compromise a beautiful dress in any way. They are an extension of me. I also don't see the temporary ones as a gateway or catalyst. Crumb knows they are temporary. They are no more a gateway than a sticker is, and i know all kids get to put stickers and face paint on. I wish tattoo removal didn't exist. I think it gives people the idea that they don't have to be permanent and therefore not all decisions are made wisely. As for me, mine as here to stay. They are part of my being. Removing them would be taking away a part of my history. Sorry love, I'll stop typing now ;)

  5. I'm not inked, but my husband is a little... and my father is a LOT (arms are covered in them) :).

    I ordered a bunch of these when they were on sale at Fab for Christmas gifts for some of the kids & teens (including my own). I'm glad to hear that they last for a few days... Can't wait to see them on!

  6. Yay! Thanks so much for the lovely post! Waving from Brooklyn. Tina (swissmiss)

  7. I love a lively discussion and it seems tatoos will always bring that about. Back in my reporting days I wrote a story about a local tatoo parlor and interviewed some of faithful customers. It was fascinating. Overall, it feels like such a strong act of personal expression and I agree with Danielle that it is best when thought through carefully and thoughtfully. But if we own nothing else, we own our bodies, right? It's our choice at the end of the day. And I agree with Danielle that temporaries are much like a sticker or face paint. A little bit of fun, not to be over-thought. O.k. enough said from me.

  8. There's nothing wrong with a fun temporary tatoo on a sweet little one. Unless somebody has an offensive message or image inked for the world to see, then it doesn't bother me in the least. To each his own. ;)

    Your little angel is too precious.

  9. I'm definitely not inked. I wrote a post about considering getting a tattoo earlier this year -- and got tons of comments. I decided that if I was reluctant to even try out the tattoo with a permanent marker, I probably shouldn't officially get inked. That said, I think temporary ones are super fun.

  10. So cute! Hope the design is of their choice. :) I'm not inked yet I wanna have one.

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  11. I like them..... from afar! I dont think I could ever get one myself. Well -- maybe only to torture my husband.... no, not even then. Temp tattoo? Why the heck not?!

  12. I remember as a little girl loving putting the temporary colored ones on my hands. My parents never liked trying to get them off though! LOL!
    I am not inked:) Just not for me. I don't think I could ever think of anything I would want on a specified spot for a permanent time. :)

  13. no ink here...but when i look closely i am truly fascinated by the designs (and commitment) that is behind so many "tats"...
    a beautiful day to you...

  14. I would love to be brave enough to get ink ingrained in me forever but alas, I fear that it would end up like many of the piercings I had done in the past. At least I could remove them....

  15. OMG your little crumb is the super cutest! I love these pics. I remember seeing the post or tweet about these but never clicked on the link. So cool. I've never been much of a tattoo girl. I can't commit. But I have to say as of late all of the pics on Pinterest have really been tempting me. I think the one on Karey's blog yesterday just might be my fav. so far.... HOME!
    xo Trina

  16. Well, honestly, if I were single and no kids...I'd get a tattoo! I love the one that has been blogged around of the clothes hanger on the back of a girls' neck! I've always thought I'd get my bee somewhere if I actually ever did get one...but I LOVE the Chanel temporaries from last spring?!! I want some...maybe I should just get out a works instead of coloring my hair! hahahaha


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