Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wishful Thinking {a guest post by la la lovely}

I’m a huge fan of Melissa’s.  She is sweet and soulful, and I’m pretty certain that if we lived close by we’d be great friends.  I’m so excited to be a part of the Wishful Thinking series as it gives me a chance to put paper and pen to my flittering wishes. . . .

I’m a fan of wishful thinking.  Any kind of wishing works for me. To wish with words, to wish in thought, to whisper wishes in your heart.

As a kid, I was the wishing type.  I even had a wish book, from time to time, where I penned my whims, wonders and wants.  It was easier to wish then, at least, more freely.  But deep down I’m still a wishing kind of girl.  I wish for all sorts of things:

A rainy day in an old house with an even older book.
A walk along the moors in England. 
A cup of tea, a pen, and a notebook.
A walk along the beach with my near and dear.
A family that stays close, always.
Getting lost in the shops of Paris.

But if I were to share with you the one wish that I can’t shake these days it would be this:

To take my, not so little,family across the sea on a bit of a journey.  To look, to learn and to experience life in a different way.  Not only would I love to travel Europe with my husband and children and let them soak in the history, the art, the different way of being and doing, I would love most to live in a different culture for a years time.  I have always loved England (and always will) but in recent years I’ve somewhat cheated on England and have fallen for France.  I find myself ever fascinated with learning and living in the French culture, as well as learning and speaking a new language.  As difficult as it may be, not knowing what people are saying sounds enticing at times.   I’d love to escape the everyday and live in the un-ordinary.  My heart pretty much skips a beat at the possibility of it all.  I cannot even begin to fully imagine the memories that we would make and the stories we would tell forever after.  The way we would rely on each other, grow together and know each other would be, perhaps, the greatest gift.  I’m not always entirely courageous and, in fact, if someone gave me a big check and said, “go,” I’d probably have to push myself to really actually do it.  But this is the one thing I would want to try if there were no limitations and no fears.  And I’m trying, more than ever, to live that way these days.  I heard someone say, “It is better to feel fear than it is to feel regret.”  And I’m trying, truly, to embrace fear these days and kick the regret.

There are so many people I see that are out there living what they dream.  They just do it. I, of course, think of Gabby / Design Mom, and her sister, Jordan / Oh HappyDay who are living abroad with their families.  They’ve given me a visual of the possibilities of living in another country, and with a large family to boot (Gabby has 6 kids).  When I think something like this is an impossibility or only a silly wish of mine, I always think of them and think, “why not?”  When someone says, “you can’t do that!” my new response is, “Who says?” 

I say it’s time to wish big again.  When your little, you wish big and sadly when you’re big, you wish little.  Well, I’m for wishing big when you’re big.
So what I see is a pretty little home not far outside of Paris.  Quaint and cozy and severely chic.  I see four little la la’s running about in fields of flowers.  Coming in for a chocolat chaud by the fire.  I see us all wandering the streets of Paris on the weekends and practicing the language we are all learning on our weekdays.  We visit the art museums, old buildings, fanciful shops and we eat divine food everyday (because it is plentiful), we ride bikes from here to there and hop on a train at our hearts beckoning and ride off into the sunset to discover yet another country and culture. We live an adventure, together.  And together, we learn to adventure more. 

Trina, Trina, Trina!  We share the same wish, and I believe if we both support one another and voice this grand wish, it will definitely come true.  There is power in numbers, non?  With a blog named la la Lovely, one can rest assured to only find the loveliest of delights lingering beautifully within Trina's posts.  I'm giddy just with thoughts of meeting her next year at ALT, for she is one of those really good ones that you want to befriend.
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  1. A beautiful guest post by Melissa...thanks lovelies....if only we dare to dream...dare to never know ...dreams and wishes sometimes do come true ; ) x

  2. you two didn't meet last year?!?!? oh no! tragic!

    you two would be in love. and trina? i like your wish. it gives me bravery when i forget to be excited about indonesia.


  3. 4 little la la's running in french flower fields...a beautiful dream to hold on to...and make come true.
    thank you for this inspirational visit...

  4. Melissa - this was beyond fun. thank you so much for having me. Maybe we can coordinate our wishes and be neighbors in France on day?!

    Karey - no we didn't meet - can you believe it? this year for sure! you are going, right? oh, i'm glad to pass along any kind of bravery, inspiration or just anything at all. and YOU ... you always inspire me with your living around the world with your very lovely, strong girls!

  5. Let's spend the day together, and get lost in everything that you're wishing! A rainy day in an old house with an even older book sounds perfect! :) Especially with that tea!

  6. Melissa...Trina's post is gorgeous and I can't help but hear a little of myself in days gone by there...

    Trina....follow your dreams you will be surprised what comes your way....and by the way.....your blog has the perfect name because you are so lovely...always...xv

  7. A wonderful and inspiring post! Follow your dreams! This should be a motto in everyone's life. :)

  8. I'm loving Trina's words. I hope she gets a chance to live abroad with her whole family someday.


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