Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wishful Thinking {a guest post by not your average ordinary}

There are so many, they could be like the starlight at night. Some of my wishes have already been spoken here: that everyone has access to fresh healthy food, that we find and hold on to hope… More th[ian anything else, though, I wish for a world where we all follow our dreams and achieve great things.

During my somewhat extensive time in universities, I have seen too many students following the path their parents have set out for them rather than the one that they really want, the one that makes their heart sing in a way nothing else does. Sometimes they rebel and embrace their love, but often they accept what they’ve been told to do without question.

Our dreams begin when we question the world around us, when we challenge the status quo. Somewhere in there, we discover a purpose: to bring beauty into the world, to help those who need it in some way, to gather people and teach them to experience the wonders around them. 

My wish is that we all take the time to sit, listen, and discover our dream, and once we have that dream, that we hold it close and passionately pursue it.

This is exactly what I adore about Brandi, she makes a plan, she follows it and she sees it to fruition.  She is one of those beautiful souls that I've had the grand fortune of getting to know in real life, and I look forward to watching her dreams become a reality because I truly believe her imprint on this world is going to be grand in a wonderful way. 

 [image by Lissy Elle]



  1. Well put Brandi! I started my college career with what I thought I should do and was lucky to have someone intervene to wake me up enough to pursue my!
    What a beautiful photo to go along with this!

  2. What a magic little notion that can inspire so much change!

  3. A perfect thought so beautifully expressed. Too good to not share ... taking this to my FB page ! XO Lisa

  4. I know what you are talking about! But it's really hard! After working for 15 years with my parents in our family business I am now planning to set up my own. But I needed to move farther away and give birth first to have the courage to do so!


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