Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wishful Thinking {a guest post by Besotted Brand}

I have a very haunting memory that includes an unfulfilled wish (don't worry, this story may have a happy ending). My beautiful beau at the time, (if you can call him a beau I was quite young), casually brushed my cheek with his finger and held out the tip with great anticipation. I narrowed my eyes to see the object of his excitement only to be greeted by a rogue eyelash. “Make a wish,” he commanded. I stared at him with confusion at first and then the recognition settled in, I rolled my eyes. I informed him in a tone I suspected was very mature, “I don’t believe in wishes.”  I assumed that my proclamation would parlay some sort of worldliness, a girl that knew that a wish was a silly frivolity. Instead, I saw the hurt in his sweet blue eyes, the hurt was not for himself but for a little girl that didn’t believe in magic. He closed his eyes and was silent for a second, shrugged his shoulders and then blew my eyelash off his fingertip. I don’t know what he wished for that afternoon, but I assume it was for me and it came true. From that day forward after my 8th year of being, I made wishes with fervor. Besides ‘eyelash-gate’, there was no other impetus to start, but what I took from that moment in time was that a wish is your hearts request, frivolous as it may be. A wish gives you something to hope for, an anticipation. It is almost as good as the real deal. A wish is free and plenty, why deny yourself such a luxury? My wish is for everyone to have at least one wish granted in his or her lifetime, there is quite a delight in a wish come true.

Where do I begin to share the many delightful things about the ever so talented Miss B of Besotted Brand.  I've been a long-time fan of this lovely lady, and just recently, I had the grand honor of meeting this beauty in real life. {It just happened to be right after she became a MRS.!}  She has an eye for exquisite details and creates extraordinary stationery and accoutrements that should be on everyone's wish list. 


  1. Beautiful. I am going to work on my wishing skills!
    You always Inspire me to do just that!

  2. I am liking this Mrs. B more and more. She is a delight! and I adore her product. XO

  3. Sounds like that little boy had quite the moves! I love it. I make wishes all the time. I especially love tossing a coin in a fountain for a wish.

  4. Lovely, lovely... wishful thinking... xv

  5. Wonderful post! I totally loved the last line, "My wish is for everyone to have at least one wish granted in his or her lifetime, there is quite a delight in a wish come true." And I hope that people will realize the power of making a wish, and how it will inspire you to make it true.

  6. Sweet post. I love, "a wish is your hearts request." So true!
    xo Trina

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