Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter in the Wine Country ~

About 90 days after the first autumn rains, mustard begins to push through the vineyard soils to beautifully embellish the resting Winter vines.  This dormant stage in the grapevines is very important to the vineyard health and performance in the upcoming season.  

Throughout January and February, severe winter pruning takes place on all the vines.  The Mustard Season is one of the most beautiful times of the year in the Wine Country.  Its golden blooms blanket the floor of the soundly sleeping vines, and as the sun shines, the landscape glows in a daydreaming brilliance. The rainy season will provide nourishment to the terroir promising a Spring of bud break and phenomenal wines to come. 

This is Winter in the Wine Country ~ a time for rest and renewal with a sparkle of gold.


  1. We were just talking last night about our "someday" move here.

  2. I love a sea of mustard flowers. So happy and pretty. Let's start praying for some rain in California. I'm loving the sunshine but feeling sad for all our crops.

    Have a lovely weekend, friend. Counting down...;)

  3. this speaks volumes to me...on so many levels. thank you for the insight and grace of the mustard flowering...

  4. I love that it's called the Mustard Season. I can imagine how beautiful it must be there right now. Living in a big city makes it easy to forget what it's like living close to the land. I hope to experience that daily one day.


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