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"If you look at style - A French woman with no boundaries, a perfectly tailored Italian woman, an American rock star from the 70s, and a Mexican legend, you would get Freda Salvador... I am FRĒDA SALVADOR .  Daring, Tailored, Free Spirited and Artsy." ~ Megan + Cristina

These two ladies are exactly what FRĒDA SALVADOR is all about: Cristina Paloma and Megan Papay are the creative and stylish masterminds behind this new San Francisco-based shoe line which debuts this fall. I've been honored to call these girls friends and to watch their much anticipated collection evolve from the beginning. Cristina and Megan are the real deal when it comes to fashion brilliance and classic trends. Even on play-dates, Megan arrives pairing a vintage frock with cool kicks and a buttery-soft leather Italian bag, and she does it with effortless panache. These girls can mix-n-match patterns and designs like nobody's business.  They take fine Brazilian leathers and bring them to life with graphic pony-hair prints creating versatile shoes for every woman who appreciates stylish wearable goodness on their feet. Each element of their shoes has been designed/made with a labor-of-love; trust me, I've seen them lament over brass hardware and insist on replacing already completed shoes with the exact ones they envisioned [not too shiny or too dull, but just perfect brass according to the Freda standards]. I'm beyond proud of Cris and Megan, and I cannot wait to see FRĒDA SALVADOR shoes donned on chic feet all around the globe.

And did I mention how cool the Freda ladies are? They commissioned a sketch by Seán for the their Saks Fifth Avenue NY shoe floor debut during New York's Fashion Night Out in August. Seriously, my proud meter for those I admire is going off-the-charts as of late.
So if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area clear your calendar for the FRĒDA SALVADOR Launch Party/Trunk Show on Thursday, September 20th at 6:00 PM at La Boutique-Galerie, 414 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA.

If you are interested in attending email the Freda girls at info@fredasalvador.com and they will add you to the list.
I hope to see you there!

[all images and FRĒDA SALVADOR lookbook by Seán Patrick McArdle]


  1. Wow - how cool! The shoes look beautiful. If I lived in San Francisco, I would totally go. Good luck to them and their launch!

    1. Jocelyn,
      The shoes are quite amazing, and it's hard to choose a favorite. wish you could join in on the fun launch party.

  2. I'm so glad that you are going to be there! I can't wait to catch up!

    1. Yay Melissa! I'm so thrilled you are going to be there. See you soon.

  3. i am so happy you posted this. i've heard (well seen- via ig & twitter) you mention this line, and these gals, and my curiosity has peaked higher with each mention.

    now i get it.

    you HAD me at "French woman with no boundaries"... i mean really... the epitome of chic right there- in these woman, and this company.

    & how wonderful that sean's gorgeous creation was commissioned.

    since i cannot attend in person, i will most definitely look further into their fall debut online.

    1. torrie,
      you would totally love these girls {and the shoes}. not only are they cool, but they are down-to-earth goodness and all around fun to hang out with no matter what you are doing {or wearing, ha!}.

  4. Can't wait to see you and the shoes and those beautiful Freda girls!

  5. I'm swooning over their boots. They have such beautiful, timeless style.

  6. wow - the sneak peek looks stunning!

  7. I just popped over and took a peak at their collection very groovy and your post so full of enthusiasm for these two fabulous women and rightly so very creative and stylish Thanks for sharing Melissa
    Carla x


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