Monday, September 17, 2012

Savoring Small Pockets of Time ~

It's the simple moments within the afternoon break of a busy day that keep me grounded. Taking the time to sip a perfectly poured shot of espresso, musing over ideas which have percolated since the sun began to rise, and slowing the frenzied pace of a full-speed-ahead kind of day, I look forward to these tiny slivers of time when even words are not required and thoughts are free to wander. 

A walk in a garden, a dance party in the park, or a sweet nibble of something delicious ~ we all need an afternoon recharge, and I would love to know what break-time pleasures you savor.  Let's inspire one another to enjoy an afternoon reprieve.

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  1. You said it, sister. I love those little breaks in the day. Mine is usually my mid-morning cup of green tea (you got me hooked) and I savor every sip. It's something I've really missed these past few days while we've been traveling.

    P.S. That photo is a dream. I just want to sit down beside you for a cup right now.

    1. E ~ mid-morning breaks are good too! trust me, i'll happily take a few sipping moments throughout the day!

  2. Mel,
    My treat -I love watching Maia Helles video - in her 90's she has a wonderful floor exercise that is a series and I love taking breaks to stretch my arms behind my back, to reach up and to touch my head to my knees. I think it is so important to give oxygen to ourselves. I do love a good cup of tea or coffee too and taking time to make a wonderful dinner after working at my art. The joy of simplicity, of routine and of living the best life we can for as long as we can....that is a treat.

  3. patricia ~
    when are we going to meet? i can only imagine the delightful time we shall have together as we prepare a meal and share the simple pleasures of life. i'm in absolute heaven every time i watch the maia helles video. she is a true inspiration for everyone to live well, live strong, live long...all with a gracious and beautiful heart.
    enjoy your week!

  4. That picture...oh my. It instantly calmed me. Personally, I enjoy a 4pm-ish cup of Earl Gray tea or a small cup of think, frothy espresso. This summer, I spent 2 months abroad with my husband, who is English, while we explored England, France and Italy. It was amazing in so many ways, but one of the things I really took away with me is people in Europe know how to pause. They know how to take the time to slow down and enjoy the simple things, especailly tea (in England) and espresso (in France/Italy). It resonated so deeply with me because I feel we are all too all over the place and frantic, and people there will sit and sip their drink for hours. We all need some time to just BE.

    1. jocelyn, i couldn't agree with you more. my husband and i have traveled extensively in europe, and we are continuously drawn to the 'living' that takes place within the cafes and squares. it is such a civilized way of existing.

      and yes, an afternoon cup of earl grey is also divine. when the days grow cooler, i tend to switch to hot tea.

      thank you for your lovely comment, and wishing you lots of time to BE.

  5. Oh yes! I savor every moment I can, m favorite is right before my first sip of coffee in the more I breathe in the wonderful aroma and enjoy that very first sip!
    And tonight. I am enjoying the rain, sipping a glass of red wine and listening to the rain. Sweet and relaxing!

    1. callie!
      it's been a long time. how are you? i'll stop in to your world and see what you have been up to.
      your evening sounds delightful. rain and wine, a good combo!

  6. Mel,

    For me, each special pocket of time usually comes at different times each day. Sometimes it's the fresh, cool mornings with Amelia when we let the chickens out of their coop and follow closely behind them as they search for grasshoppers.
    Sometimes, it's the afternoon during Amelia's nap when I settle down and plan for homeschooling lessons (my new creative outlet).
    Sometimes, it's the late night hours when everyone is asleep and I find myself alone in the still, quiet room reading a favorite book.
    And like you, a special snack always heightens the moment--dark chocolate short bread cookies dipped in coffee or a handful of lightly salted pistachios are a couple of my favorites...

    I was pleased to read the comments you left on my blog a week or so ago.
    I've missed connecting with you and I am glad to hear that you, Sean, and the Crumb had such a delightful summer.


  7. mandy,
    my heart just skipped a beat at the thought of you and amelia in the chicken coop as the sun begins to rise. when i farm sit, this is my favorite part of the day. i believe i need chickens!
    and my mouth is watering over the mention of dark chocolate shortbread cookies. look at you...a fancy baker now!
    we need to be neighbors.

  8. I agree! The afternoon cup of tea is a moment for just breathing. I need it, but some times it is hard to find the time.

    Thanks for reminding me! :)

    1. exactly the point, we must make time to enjoy a simple cup of tea, and i hope you savor every sip!

  9. Oh, yes please! I've been trying to slip a little meditation into my afternoons at work. It's been a bit hard because people just stop by my desk whenever they please. I'll keep trying though -- and maybe getting in a short walk when I get home in the evening. (Alternative: Write my book and get it published, then move overseas where I can savor every single moment...)


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