Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Patterns ~

If we pay attention to the world around us, we will notice similarities in comparison with our daily lives and the offerings of mother nature ~  patterns of growth, seeds of change, seasonal shifts, and the continuous flow within the circle of life. Allowing ourselves to accept the truth, the evident realization that we are one with nature, a tiny spark within the big circle, opens up your eyes to behold the majestic wonders that occur every moment of every day you breathe (as well as those moments before and after you enter the realm of existence).

In March, we planted the seed for this Mammoth Sunflower. We gave her the best spot in the raised bed offering copious amounts of sunshine and sufficient water. Growing into the giant stalk destined to reach the heavens, she finally bloomed. A majestic bloom that made neighbors and unknown passerbys stop and behold her grandeur. She held her prize winning state for a few weeks, and then she began to fade. The droop of her once-sturdy stem no longer lifted her radiance towards the beams of sun. We didn't have the heart to cut her down, so we allowed her to slowly retreat back towards the soil which nourished her from the start. A few days ago, she offered her beautifully patterned seeds as nourishment. Harvested, roasted and consumed with reverence, and a few offspring saved for next year's bloom fest. Full circle.

My hope is the life I lead will mimic this sunflower. Grow strong with my outlook always lifted high, soak up the brightness the world has to offer, feed off the organic goodness prepared by nature, allow my heart to be open and shine, fill my moments with seeds of knowledge, love, kindness, compassion, creativity, and peace. And when I take my final bow, may I find comfort in knowing those I hold dear, as well as those I've passed along my blooming journey, will carry those seeds with them, plant where needed, and renew the circle with a never-ending hope.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012



"If you look at style - A French woman with no boundaries, a perfectly tailored Italian woman, an American rock star from the 70s, and a Mexican legend, you would get Freda Salvador... I am FRĒDA SALVADOR .  Daring, Tailored, Free Spirited and Artsy." ~ Megan + Cristina

These two ladies are exactly what FRĒDA SALVADOR is all about: Cristina Paloma and Megan Papay are the creative and stylish masterminds behind this new San Francisco-based shoe line which debuts this fall. I've been honored to call these girls friends and to watch their much anticipated collection evolve from the beginning. Cristina and Megan are the real deal when it comes to fashion brilliance and classic trends. Even on play-dates, Megan arrives pairing a vintage frock with cool kicks and a buttery-soft leather Italian bag, and she does it with effortless panache. These girls can mix-n-match patterns and designs like nobody's business.  They take fine Brazilian leathers and bring them to life with graphic pony-hair prints creating versatile shoes for every woman who appreciates stylish wearable goodness on their feet. Each element of their shoes has been designed/made with a labor-of-love; trust me, I've seen them lament over brass hardware and insist on replacing already completed shoes with the exact ones they envisioned [not too shiny or too dull, but just perfect brass according to the Freda standards]. I'm beyond proud of Cris and Megan, and I cannot wait to see FRĒDA SALVADOR shoes donned on chic feet all around the globe.

And did I mention how cool the Freda ladies are? They commissioned a sketch by Seán for the their Saks Fifth Avenue NY shoe floor debut during New York's Fashion Night Out in August. Seriously, my proud meter for those I admire is going off-the-charts as of late.
So if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area clear your calendar for the FRĒDA SALVADOR Launch Party/Trunk Show on Thursday, September 20th at 6:00 PM at La Boutique-Galerie, 414 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA.

If you are interested in attending email the Freda girls at and they will add you to the list.
I hope to see you there!

[all images and FRĒDA SALVADOR lookbook by Seán Patrick McArdle]

Monday, September 17, 2012

Savoring Small Pockets of Time ~

It's the simple moments within the afternoon break of a busy day that keep me grounded. Taking the time to sip a perfectly poured shot of espresso, musing over ideas which have percolated since the sun began to rise, and slowing the frenzied pace of a full-speed-ahead kind of day, I look forward to these tiny slivers of time when even words are not required and thoughts are free to wander. 

A walk in a garden, a dance party in the park, or a sweet nibble of something delicious ~ we all need an afternoon recharge, and I would love to know what break-time pleasures you savor.  Let's inspire one another to enjoy an afternoon reprieve.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello Again ~

Meet persimmon. She is my new ride. I traded a persimmon bread for her old rusted, flat-tire self, and my beloved made her pretty again. Whenever we glide through the backroads together, my mind opens. Inspiration is everywhere. No phone, no computer, no one to interrupt my thoughts, my oneness with nature and the fresh air seeping into my pores, my lungs, my being. Weekdays, she is my commute companion as I pedal to teach yoga. Persimmon gets me here and there and {with an open mind} everywhere.

It's been one of the best summers of my life. No agenda except to live, laugh, and be. My crumb blossomed into a little person full of depth and wonder, a magnetic personality, and a sweet soul. We were poolside buddies, puzzle pals, and ice cream connoisseurs. Her jaw-dropping pirouette diving skills brought us to our knees in awe. Every sun-kissed moment was perfection, and I've etched each one into my heart and will never let them go.

Now, we cling to the goodness of Indian summer, while looking ahead to the magic of autumn's crisp bliss.  I'll admit, I've missed this little space; although, I've fallen hard for the virtual disconnect. As with all things in life, there is a fine balance, and I'm going to work towards a happy harmony. There are stories and memories to share, and this is where I want the words to settle, at least for now. 

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