Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Bee's Knees

This captivating photo is of my very dear friend, Davide, and the inaugural release of his bees. On April 18th, he received 10,000 Italian bees and one queen. The queen has her own separate little matchbox house inside the larger box. It took the 10,000 bees about 6 days to get to know her, and feed her, and then they were all set in their relationship (sweet, isn't it?). April through October, she will lay 600-1000 eggs per day. The bees are thriving and loving their new 'home'. So much so that Davide, the magnificent bee keeper, has had to double the size of the hive to give them room to grow! The honey has yet to be harvested, but I know it will be exceptional in taste and quality. There is no doubt, these are the happiest bees on Earth! With Davide's incredible kindness, gentle manner, and glorious outdoor space (vegetable and flower gardens - their favorite plant being the borage), these bees will remain in a constant state of euphoria.


  1. That's wonderful! My childhood neighbor was a beekeeper, so I have some great memories of bees.

  2. Oh... my husband has been wanting to do this and make his own honey. I just worry about the neighbors. smile...



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