Monday, August 29, 2011

Petite Aventure {Rubicon Estate}

"I may never leave!" the words I exclaimed as I settled into the Mammarella Wine Bar at Francis Ford Coppola's Rubicon Estate.

Wooden Sailboats {picture Luxembourg Gardens in Paris} + Bocce Ball + Cabernet Franc with delicious depth = HOOKED!

Three hours passed as quick as lightening, and finally, the little crumb declared it was time to depart.  Her Bocce game was beginning to falter.

It's good to be home.  Back in the saddle as they say.  I'm feeling recharged and full of vigor despite the fact the days are growing shorter and night seems to linger longer.

No matter the time of day, life is good.  I'm soaking it all in and enjoying every minute.  

Tell me your favorite weekend moment...indulge me, please?!

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  1. Sitting out in the sunshine with our dog, drinking Cinzano and laughing at our horse sticking her head in the hay bale...
    ps love that shot of you beautiful.

  2. At the moment it would be Cap Ferrat in the south of France, around 6pm....sun still hot....after a day reading on the beach.....clear blue sea and gorgeous in front of me.....and a long cool drink :)

    Beautiful photos Mel....there is a spot here at the end of the beach where the old French men play bocce!

  3. It looks as if you have been having the most wonderful time Mel.
    Every weekend is good, especially if it's with family and friend's .....and a glass of wine !! XXXX

  4. This past weekend was pretty relaxed. RBB took B to Tulsa for the day Saturday, so I got a bit if alone time to recharge. It was just what I needed.

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love that one of you - that dress is to die for and your jewelry and hair are so perfect you could be a model!

    My favorite weekend moment was all day yesterday - Fiona turned three! :)

  6. You look gorgeous and love seeing your sweet family. Too hot in Houston to be outdoors so we're spending weekends at home playing cards and reading books.

    I just posted about Solbar and Spa Solage thanks to your recommendation.

    Happy new week and welcome home.

  7. The boys went fly fishing...was suppose to have a productive weekend @ home alone, but spent it shopping...consoling PrettyStuff as her trip to NYC clearly was Irene canceled. We made a few "bless her heart" purchases :D

  8. fantastic pics. loooove playing bocce in Italy when I was there but Coppola's estate is stunning. Of course you'd be hooked! Wow!

  9. Playing good ol' fashioned games along with a nice bowl of jambalaya. Lots of laughter & energy.

    Welcome home :).

  10. I love the Rubicon estate, it is one of my favorite places in Napa Valley.

  11. um....can i go hang with simone?
    i was feeling pretty good about my farmer's market nectarine, until that show-off stole my thunder with her fancy-pants cap-ferrat.
    i get it....cap ferrat? farm-fresh fruit? one leaves you with a nice golden tan, the other? a soggy, brown pit.

  12. Welcome home Mel and fam x0x0x

  13. Your love for life is so contagious!!! Can't wait to share bubbly when I return!! BISOUS.

  14. Oh friend. I have not been their in ages. It's so beautiful and it looks like your family had a fabulous time. So happy you are home and reconnecting.

    My favorite part of the weekend was a 20 minute solo walk I took on the beach in Half Moon Bay. So soothing.

  15. I lovelove your dress, Mel! And what a dreamy place.

  16. The house looks so amazing! Its like living a dream!


  17. Looks magical and you are adorable my friend...and so is your little crumb...hugs

  18. at this point, any weekend moment is better than a weekday one. i had a bad day. wah...

    in other news, you must tell me your favorite juice recipes! i'm hooked and need more ideas.

  19. You guys seriously are so beautiful and inspiring.

  20. I'm so glad you're back! That place looks perfect... I'd so love to go there. My favorite weekend moments has to be - well, actually there are two - when we took a looong walk through the city to get scones and play at parks along the way and then when my hubby and I played a quick game of scattergories on our deck while the kiddos slept. our weekend weather was PERFECT, and we loved every minute of being together.

  21. ps -- your dress is beautiful!

  22. It's good to hear that you and the Crumb are home safely! It looks like you and your family had a lovely petit aventure.


  23. Simply Sweetest Mel,

    Oh my gosh.... I am glad your all home safe and sound! Did I miss something? Did you go to Paris? I knew you were traveling but didn't realize... Wooden Sailboats in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris!! + Bocce Ball + Cabernet Franc with delicious depth!! No wonder you are HOOKED!

    Love to each one of you!

  24. look at you pretty lady. so happy you are home and happy. sending you love and light. ox


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