Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wishful Thinking {a guest post by Coeur de La}

Growing up I was blessed to have parents who loved to cook. My love for food started with meals with my family. I love the stories that a good meal can evoke. Our meals were simple, fresh, and always filled with laughter. Early mornings always included a hot breakfast made by my dad ... french toast, waffles with strawberries, chocolate chip pancakes, omelets, and fresh orange juice ... my dad had a love for making meals for his kids. My mom would always make dinners, because instead of going out we never missed the opportunity to eat in. One of my favorite meals was my mom's homemade pasta with her famous spaghetti sauce.

Summers included trips to the farm to pick ripe tomatoes, and as a treat we would fill bags with nectarines and peaches that would barely make it home. I can still remember the day I tasted a fried green tomato ... I was eight. The one thing I could count on growing up was our family meals. My siblings and I counted on the time we spent around the table to banter, laugh, poke fun, rejoice, and celebrate family while we ate together.

So, my wish for everyone is to take the time to have a meal with someone you love. Food tastes so much better when you eat it slowly, thoughtfully, and share it with others.

Caroline is one of those lovely souls gifted with a bubbly personality that you just want to bottle up!  She is a foodie and appreciates the simple things in life, so obviously, we understand each other well.  Her blog, Coeur de La, is filled with her great photography, delicious recipes, foodie adventures, and happy little daily tidbits that just bring a huge smile to your face. 

[image by Coeur de La]


  1. Meal time has always been the heart of our family time.
    Without a kitchen - it has challenged our heart, causing pain and pressure.
    I cannot wait for our first meal in our new kitchen.

  2. I love meal time gatherings. My in laws always suggest going out, but I think being here around my table is so much more relaxed...and easier for my son too!

  3. I love her blog and I absolutely agree with her words. What a beautiful soul.

  4. This is beautiful! In the past few years, busy schedules have made dinner at my parent's house an event where everyone grabs a plate, hurriedly eats and then leaves the table. This is a beautiful reminder to enjoy not only eating, but the process and the time spent together, too.

  5. thanks for reminding me of how important the family table is! i cherish my memories of family dinners growing up and absolutely try (most nights at least) to do the same for my kids. it's a great way to stay connected as a family - especially when every other part of life is hectic.

  6. I regret that when my boys were young we did not spend enough time at the table. I was running my business, my husband worked late... etc etc. If I had to do it all over again I would make sre there were more meals together at the table. Every chance I get when everyone one is around now that they are in college - I make a nice meal and we have a wonderful time. Better late than never...
    Great post.
    Have a pretty day!

  7. Love the photo and she writes so eloquently! xo

  8. Thanks everyone!! Your words are so kind. Meals with friends and family are my favorite pastime.

  9. Oh yes, where would our family be without our table time. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us all.

    Lisa x

  10. Sweet Melissa,

    Thank you for sharing Caroline with us. She's reminds me a little bit of you! A foody but in an organic and beautiful way....I am off to visit her blog!

    Thank you for your special comment on Noel's wedding cake post~

    Hugs to my baby crumb, Sean, You, the hummingbirds and the ladybugs:)

  11. I absolutely agree with her words. What a beautiful soul.

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  12. i love caroline, and her wonderful, yummy blog.


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