Friday, December 16, 2011

An Elegant Evening ~

...with my Prince Charming.  

It was a night of total splendor, festive glory, and fine art.  My handsome artist husband and I were invited guests to this exquisite holiday gala in the Court of Honor at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco.

For two souls who love art, this was a dream come true.  An entire evening devoted to celebrating the artistic masters of our past as well as  present-day artists...the museum galleries were ours to peruse, linger and enjoy.  With cocktails in hand, we mingled among the elite, but mostly we giggled and gasped at our good fortune to be included in such a grand evening.  

A dinner fit for a king was served by candlelight, an orchestra enticed all to join on the dance floor, and memories to last a lifetime were made underneath a tent draped in sparkling elegant evening indeed.


  1. I just adore the photographs, it looks just fabulous, as do you both!

  2. Oh wow - what a night - such elegance. Francesca

  3. So elegant and guys..and the event too ;)

  4. Mel how gorgeous an evening!! The images are beautiful!

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    Art by Karena

  5. Oh you two...............looking very dreamy! Sounds and looks like an incredible evening. Don't you wish there were more of those? I hope you were the last ones to leave. Much love XO

  6. What a beautiful couple and evening.

  7. You look beautiful Mel~ sounds like a dreamy night indeed. Happy holidays my friend!

  8. What a magical evening Mel! You both look radiant and you both deserved this unforgettable evening~
    Love to all!

  9. Mel,

    I have no doubt that your evening at the gala will bring smiles to your face even into your older years. You both look just as exquisite as the gala, and though you two were giggling at your good fortune to be among such elite company, I imagine your youth, grace, and beauty turned quite a few heads! What a special night for a husband and wife-a an enchanting location, an orchestra, the dance, the wine, the art, and the two of you enjoying each other's company.
    Thank you for sharing your special evening with us.


  10. How wonderful, what an amazing evening and yes, you both look wonderful!! X

  11. You and that husband of yours make the seriously most beautiful couple I've ever seen. Inside and out. It looks like it was an evening to treasure.

  12. I was thinking about you two all evening. It looks like it was dripping with sparkle and romance. So dreamy. I cannot wait to hear more details of your magic-filled evening.

  13. Stunning pictures & a stunning evening by the looks of it I bet it was a magical evening :))

  14. What a grand night! So happy you had a great time!

  15. Sounds wonderful + happy to have found your blog.

  16. you both look amazing! i am so happy you both had a magical time.

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