Friday, February 3, 2012

Vista Visions ~

I believe in the power of beautiful vistas...they stir your soul.  

Oftentimes, tears stream from the very source that captures the imprint of that moment.  The moment where my heart skips a beat, I gasp for air, and the mental click of recognition that this is real not just a reverie settles into the chambers of my memory bank.  Real beauty offered up and perhaps never to be seen exactly the same as it is at that very second.  
Mood altering. Game changers.  The vista visions that cause me to step back and reassess my attitude.  Appreciate what I already have and revel in the moment.  

Time is fleeting, and I'm not going to let its beauty pass me by. 

Indulge in the greatness this world offers ... sunrises, sunsets and all the glory in-between.    


  1. Ah, beautiful words on this Friday morning. Here's to a weekend of awe-inspiring vista visions.

  2. This photo is absolutely dreamy! And your words are as magical as ever. Happy weekend to you!

  3. Such beauty here. Thank you for that.


  4. Melissa,
    I do the exact same thing! Nature and vistas make me cry too and I realize that there is a higher power and I feel so much love, so much gratitude for all I have and all I share.
    Blogging is sharing beauty and grace.

  5. poetry is moving as well. your words are just beautiful and evocative :)

  6. I have chills. Head to toe. That photo. Your words. For a moment, I was right back there, driving along the roads with the summer sun beating down, Adele on the radio -- but a slow love song, not what she's most popular for.

    These days, I find whenever I get a bit down, all I need to do is go outside into nature and look up -- and a wave of amazement takes me over, sweeps me out to sea.

  7. We need a book full of your words and Sean's images. This is one of my all-time favorite posts. Feel like I need to read it every single day.

    Did he happen to take this on Saturday? If so, I am in awe. Well, regardless, I'm in awe.

  8. oh wow....this is so truly breathtaking my friend. The two of you together is a magical thing. This image is perfection with your words. I am with Estelle on this one. :)


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