Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Spanish Garden

This beautiful garden is located in the Museo Sorolla (the former home and atelier of Joaquín Sorolla). Designed by the artist himself and inspired by Andalusia, it was planted between 1915 and 1916. While sitting in this gorgeous spot located in the heart of Madrid, we reveled in a very peaceful reprieve and captured a memorable moment to cherish for a very long time.

[Sorolla's Garden - Museo Sorolla]


  1. What an absolutely lovely spot! I love those tiles.

  2. How beautiful! Are you having a great time? How is the food?

  3. this made me sigh out loud...beautiful...xo t

  4. Gorgeous! I'm in love with the tilework!

  5. So...How are you doing? How is your trip?
    Oh I have the same name of your daughter. My mom like it, my dad preferred Guia but my mother won!
    My second name is Holden...yes like holden Caulfield "The catcher on the Rye" my dad adored that book and I love my second name so original and uncommon!

    I cannot choose from sunset and sunshine...both are so romantic!

  6. Sooo beautiful and so happy for you that you're soaking in Spain. Can't wait to learn more about your adventures.

  7. the sound of trickling water...Hope this old garden will survive for the next hundred years to be enjoyed!
    ~XO* darling!

  8. beautiful and so refreshing...
    i was wondering, are you planning to visit Andalucia and especially Granada?

    we have to go to Madrid but keep postponing it because of the heat!

    Enjoy it all

  9. Love the flowers with the movement of the water and the stunning tiles... Divine and full of charm.

  10. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous place with us. Whenever I make it to Madrid I will not leave without having visited Joaquín's garden.

  11. I would enlarge and frame that image in my own home it's so lovely.

  12. one of my favorite spots in madrid...thanks for bring back it's memory!
    sounds like your trip is off to a perfect start!

  13. Restful and dreamlike. With regards to Andalucia, I would love to see that inspiration.

  14. i LOVE Sorolla!!! so nice to see him mentioned in your post!
    your entire blog is amazing!

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