Friday, June 12, 2009

The Travail of The Dreamer

The true artist works rather in great gusts of effort, and in smaller gusts
of apparent lassitude. He is not laying about "waiting for some inspiration."
He is in the travail of the dreamer entering into expression.
Now when you see the artist sitting thoughtfully before his blank canvas,
don't call him lazy. Realize what huge gulfs exist between a thing of
dreams and the exact science of mathematics.
Know that the dream is as necessary to the birth of any idea
as mathematics is to the exactness of its consummation.
An artist must neither be too dreamy, nor too mathematical.
He must dream and he must paint.
~John F. Carlson

[We depart for Spain tomorrow morning. Sean is attending an artist workshop, and I'm going to perfect my peripatetic skills with my little crumb in tow! Once we settle into Madrid,
we promise to share our Spanish tales with you. Hasta pronto!]


  1. Amazing photo. Have a wonderful trip, cannot wait to see the pics :) Kellie

  2. Bon voyage, Melissa! Have a wonderful time. (I love Madrid!) Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to hearing about it. Safe travels!

  4. Love this photograph. It's lovely. You've married a dream! Happy travels.

  5. Have a wonderful trip together!!! It sounds SOooo so nice.... Have fun and take it all in and enjoy every minute!

  6. Oh, beautiful Spain.

    Have a wonderful trip and I will check back to your lovely blog for updates!!

  7. Enjoy your stay in Madrid...I can't wait for your new history!

  8. BON VOYAGE MELISSA ... can't wait for you to share your spanish tales with us ... and what a lovely picture !

  9. Have a wonderful, dreamy time in Spain! Is that Sean in the picture? Lovely.

  10. this is a delightful picture, just delightful


  11. Soooo jealous! We went to Spain (Marbella, Malaga - that area) for our honeymoon, and even went back once more since we loved it so much.

    I like my kids and everything...but they're just killing our European vacation plans! And don't say "bring them." That would be a disaster.

  12. safe travels to you and your little crumb (and your hubby, of course)!
    can't wait to hear all about it.

  13. How fun to be married to an artist!!!

    Have a beautiful time in Spain!!!

  14. Lovely time in Spain Darlings!!!
    I know you will~

  15. Sounds amazing. Happy, Happy trails. { I'm admitting right here and now that I had to look up "peripatetic" }. : )

  16. How EXCITING!!! What a GREAT set up for painting!

  17. have FUN in spain!
    can't wait to hear about it.

  18. i love this! it speaks so much truth! can't wait to share it with my artist man! oh and so freaking jealous about the dreamy travels!

  19. I love this photograph...have the most amazing time! xo t
    p.s. actually you are there by now, so continue to have the most amazing time!

  20. This photograph is amazing. It's making me want to get in touch with my creative side immidiatly. Have a great trip, love your blog!


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