Wednesday, April 7, 2010

French Essence

Last week while in Southern California, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting this beautiful woman [who inspires me with her lovely words, incredible eye for French treasures, and ability to make everyday life feel like a fairy tale] and her equally stunning daughter [who creates exquisite masterpieces with the finest of French materials, adores all things great and small, and has the most endearing heart of gold] ~ it was a glorious gathering of like-minded souls who truly felt as if we had known each other forever! We shared personal stories, dreams, creative thoughts, travel memories and so much more, and we also discussed the power of blogging and its magnificent ability to connect people from all over the world along with the added life bonus of cherished new friendships.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I adore all things French, so when the kind-hearted and always gracious,
Janet and Noel, gave me a copy of French Essence by Vicki Archer, I seriously jumped for joy! I've been a huge fan of Vicki's ever since I picked up a copy of My French Life, and I've been anxiously waiting for French Essence to make its US debut. When I opened my new book friend, I didn't stop reading until I soaked up every single word from cover to cover. Vicki's writing has this special way of making you feel as if you are right there beside her as she describes her joi de vivre in France. She takes your hand and leads you through the beautiful chapters of her life entangling you with her love affair of France, an affair you never wish to end.


  1. You're so lucky ! To meet up with such lovely blogging friends and get Vicki's book. I've pre-ordered Vicki's book on amazon but won't have it before summer....Enjoy it, dear Mel !

  2. Oh lucky you Mel, I love Janet, she is an amazing woman, how wonderful to be able to meet up.

    Enjoy your book! xo

  3. So much fun wrapped up in one day. I adore Noel's creations- Like gorgeous flowers on a wedding cake. Such a talented Mother and daughter. I love My French Life and have given several copies as gifts. I think we still have to wait a while before French Essence
    debuts here in the US.. I am sure that spending time with you was equally exciting for Janet and Noel.

  4. Mel,

    I can only imagine how many things you girls had to talk about! What a sweet and wonderful gift to receive and the perfect sentiment!

    I hope you and your family are doing well and that your little crumb is enjoying spring!

  5. How awesome! These books are going on my wish list immediately!! Love all things French!

  6. i follow her blog and find her to be a beautiful writer. i will definitely be getting my hand on a copy of this!

  7. You just mentioned three of my favorite ladies.....all of them so talented and gracious. And how wonderful that you made a visit happen! I too am anxiusly awaiting the US release, a magical gift from the magic wand of French Blue. XO

  8. Mel,

    I think you fall in the same category as the ladies you have mentioned.

    Headed to Amazon, looks like I have some reading to do.

  9. Well, now I need to take a trip to the book store. That looks amazing.

  10. Dear Mel,

    Merci Beaucoup Mon Aime for this amazing post! There are no words in this world to write how much you mean to me, how much I know Vicki's book will inspire you and how much I appreciate now knowing YOU~~


  11. Oh how totally lovely for you all, what a beautiful trio of girls....truly, you are. It must have been magical.

    I adore Vicki's books and linger over mine too.

    hugs DJ

  12. how very wonderful and sweet!
    i love Vicki's books!

  13. I'll be signing up for Vicki's anticipated book as well. All the ladies talents are so encompassing as are yours Mel. You all are truly an inspiration.

  14. Oh, Mel, what a gift the meeting must have been, and then Vicki's book on top of it--a second gift to treasure. This is the magic of the blogging world! xo Gigi

  15. The minute i set my eyes on the cover, I instantly knew that I must simply set my hands on it..thanks so much for sharing that with us! Plus a very amazing meeting that seems to be, it just comes to show the amazing surprises life has in store for us...lots of love Mel!

  16. Dear Mel,
    How wonderful to have met up with the lovely Janet and her daughter Noel. ... and to be given a copy of Vicki's book. You must have been in heaven !! Her books are wonderful and just draw one into French life. I'm sure that it was wrapped beautifully as well !!
    Blogging is fantastic and, even if some of us never meet, we have the most wonderful friendships. XXXX

  17. are such a darling girl to write these lovely words, I am so overwhelmed by your kindness. Janet and Noel are two of my favourite bloggers and I only wish I could meet the three of you in person....
    Thank you again for featuring, 'French Essence' - you have made my day and I am just so happy you like it. xv

  18. Sounds just wonderful - and how nice it is to meet up with other bloggers in person, isn't it! I am adding this book to my wish list right now!

  19. Ohhh...sounds like you had a wonderful trip! always fun to meet blogging friends. And what a beautiful gift to cherish.

  20. What a wonderful day!!! I am so happy that you all met! Janet told me how wonderful you and your family are! BIG HUGS!! :)

  21. I love all things french and I need a new book. Thanks!

  22. Dear Sweet Mel~~

    I can't believe I'm just seeing this! I've been busy getting things together for the event this weekend. :) Thank you for your comment~ and raw lunch!? With you!? How much fun that would be! You are so sweet and thank you for your sincere genuine support.

    I don't even know where to start to explain how wonderful it was meeting all of you! Mom and I felt like we knew you both for years and it was just so perfect in every way. :-))

    I know one day I'll look back and read this post again, remembering how special that day was and how mom and I knew we had a new beautiful friend in our life~

    Thank you for making the time for us :)

    Hugs and Loves!!


  23. Oh how wonderful! I love all things French as well.
    P.S. That's so fun that you used to go to Callaway too!

  24. thx for two new adorable blogs! how fun and happy to enjoy such delightful moments with friends like this!

  25. Oh wow- France is at the top of the list on places I must see someday, I hoped to do so this year but alas, that old economy rained on that idea:) Someday and when I do I will bring you in my pocket.

  26. Oh, I adore Vicki Archer! She is a beautiful and amazingly talented woman. And thank for the introduction to Janet. Must go and pay her site a visit.

  27. This is so great. What a treat!

  28. I can't wait to have it! I've loved "My French Life"...


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