Friday, July 16, 2010

~ Simple Things ~

The Simple Things in life are the true beauty, hope, and love of our existence ~ the list can and will change daily, but what is important is the ability to appreciate and indulge in these moments.  The incredibly wonderful and beautiful Christina, of the magical and poetic Soul Aperture, is celebrating her birthday today, and in honor of all the glorious things which make her heart sing, I'm celebrating her with a few of the delightful moments which make my days brighter and my soul joyful ~ 

* laughs from the deepest depths of your belly

* sunshine warming your shoulders

* memorable moments made with friends

* a warm cup of smooth coffee

* the way your body absent-mindedly dances to the beat of your favorite song

* the gentle caress of your beloved's hand

* blue polish on my sweet crumb's toes

* the way a perfectly ripened peach drips down your chin

* the fresh scent of rain on a summer afternoon

* a breathtaking sunset while dining outdoors

*  closing your eyes and making a wish

*  warm sand between your toes

 [Gaia and Isa ~ Reverie-Daydream Images]


  1. Oh a sweet juicy peach!!! I love your list of simple things. I too am celebrating in the beauty of simple... Have a beautiful day :) xoxo

  2. Absolutely beautiful Mel....I LOVE those pretty dresses they are wearing too!

    Beautiful words....

    Have a lovely week-end! xoxo

  3. Oh i so love this post! I met Christina a while ago and was immediately caught by her words. Her voice is so unique and special...Most often i feel deeply moved when i read her..she's a true ray of light..

    Just like your lovely little crumb! And i read your list of beautiful things with a broad smile on my face...Oh yes, little simple things are definitely the very best we have!

    Have a lovely week end, dearest friend!

  4. Look at these two little cherubs! They are so precious. And those blue toes are perfect.
    I love your list and it has inspired me to make my own list this morning. Happy weekend Mel. Thank you for your sweet comment.

  5. Oh, Mel, this post is so so sweet. Look at those sweet little toes! These two little girls are so precious and I am sure watching them play and listening to them speak to one another makes your heart ring with joy every time they are together!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh! Those girls! Pure bliss. They look like they are having a ball.

  7. Ok...I love those sweet sweet toes...they make me happy does your sweet list..hugs for a happy weekend filled with all these JOYS!

  8. beautiful thoughts and photos!

  9. Great post and delightful picture. Have a great weekend!

  10. what a beautiful, precious photo and wonderful words...

  11. oh,, I can't say if I like most the pictures, your writings or pure simply your view of life. have a wonderful weekend ;)

  12. Bonjour Mel,
    Well said, it is the simple things that give us so much beauty and meaning. Such sweet photos. I'm with Mandy, I love to watch little kids talk together - adorable.
    Bon week-end,

  13. oh my, those two are just precious, and so sweet together, wonderul list.. I love it all! happy weekend~

  14. Ah sweet peaches and sand between the toes ... I love those too and so much else. Eagerly waiting for some rain to make its way here. I would probably add dancing in the rain to yor list :)

  15. That is one happy darling......both of them. Too fun watching the summer through little crumbs eyes. Gorgeous photo. XO and xo

  16. lovely photos & lovely list...thank you

  17. How cute!
    Simple things are the all day!
    I love it!

    Hav a great weekend!

  18. memorable moments made with friends,
    so beautiful, this post.

    one love

  19. Your little crumb grows more beautiful all the time. What precious photos! Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  20. Nothing more beautiful than a child's happiness and laughter!

  21. Both girls are adorable - and so cute together! They look like best friends.

  22. Dearest Mel~
    I was going to say..are those little blue toes I see? You ARE an Amazing Writer!!! I feel every sentence and each word makes me smile and feel happy. Do you think wed. might work for us?

  23. Ironic how such simple pleasures can be so easily forgotten-- what a lovely note to end after such a hectic week.

    The peach....I've certainly had my fair share of juice on my chin this summer..:)

  24. I certainly do agree that the simple things in life well, make life ... LIFE! xo

  25. my grandmother used to call me, crumb, when i was little. what a sweet memory you brought my way.
    thank you, my dear friend.
    you are loved.

  26. So very perfect. The sweet girls remind me how much I miss the belly laughs & giggles of little children. Beautiful weekend to you all Mel x

  27. Oh these girls are just delightful! Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend! x

  28. What a sweet post!
    This was indeed a fabulous birthday party!

  29. I've been trailing around behind everyone enjoying all the birthday posts. This photo is heartwrenchingly beautiful.

  30. I find it incredible that this blogging world is filled with folks who find such joy in the simple things. That is so absent in the every day!! Joy to you today and to your sweet crumb!

  31. How sweet ~ it's pure delight!


  32. A beautiful post always seem to remember and always cherish the most simple and precious heart went flip flop for the blue toes...super cute x

  33. I have SO much catching up to do here, and this is SOOOOOOOO cute!!!! ox


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