Monday, August 30, 2010

{Georgia} Grande Dame

Oh Savannah, you are the beautiful Grande Dame, The Hostess City of the South.  Your perfect twenty-one squares provide lush green vignettes to stroll through while soaking in the gorgeous architecture and design that began to form in 1733.  Even General Sherman must have been a bit smitten by you, for he left his flaming fury on the back-burner as he made his way through your stunning streets.  The older gentlemen and refined ladies mesmerize with their drawls as soft as velvet. Your history is as thick as the sobering humidity that surrounds your magnificence, and I look forward to being your guest again one day soon.

[images by Reverie-Daydream ]


  1. You make me want to head to Georgia instead of Paris Mel......well almost. But I do love the South.
    Gorgeous photos by Sean too. Much love XO and xo

  2. *sigh, having a love affair with Savannah right now... and these pics just add to my obsession! Celebrated my bachelorette party in Savannah back in April and now I can't get enough of it. There's even this great right up in Souther Living this month about it! I think Savannah is stalking me! And I don't mind one bit!

  3. this is intoxicating.
    hanging a little lazier like the spanish moss hangs.
    i must get there next spring.
    so glad you're getting us all there a bit this summer.

  4. Makes me want to cry, I miss it so.
    Savannah was part of my yesteryear life.
    Thanks for the beautiful image and your good words.

  5. Oh, I'm so happy you had a great trip! Wonderful! So sorry we didn't get to hook up, but you know what? It gives you a great excuse to come back soon! XX!

  6. The way you describe it... it makes me want to hop on a plane right now!

    I envy your writing... it's amazing.

    Off to read more.
    xo, Kristin

  7. Now Georgia is on the top of my must-see list. Been loving your posts about all the history and beauty and general ambiance. And of course, loving Sean's photography.

  8. So beautiful Mel. I've only been to Atlanta, but Savannah looks so pretty. Glad you had fun! Great photography too!

  9. Amazing! Love the photos as well! xo

  10. It all looks so beautiful. I would love to visit Savannah one day. It looks so enticing.

  11. Mel,
    I have missed reading your Georgia posts and I must catch up! These photographs are beautiful, as always, and definitely enticing!


  12. Ah I haven't been in years. I would probably get my southern accent back to a hot minute though huh. My husband went for work awhile ago and I had him bring me back some boiled peanuts. Not the same when they're not hot, but I ate them anyway.

  13. Lovely shots! I remember my Savannah trip. It was so hot... my cheeks were embarrasingly red when I pulled into The Paris Market. I was dying for some of their lavendar sweet tea! :)

  14. Goodness -- my screen is steaming up what with all the Savannah humidity. Gorgeous post that leaves me wanting more; beautiful photography. I'll have to visit my friends in Atlanta sooner rather than later, it's plain to see.
    All the best,

  15. oh my goodness. these photos are breathtaking!

  16. stunning! I will have to add Savannah to my must visit list!

  17. Dearest One~
    Wow... this is so beautiful! Are you tempted to move back to the South? I so hope not. Counting down the days:)

  18. Mel your husband shoots the most amazing photos. So enjoyable to see. How I long to visit Georgia (especially Savannah) before we leave Texas. To visit the massive plantations. I had no idea you were a Georgia Peach. How wonderful to be raised in Atlanta? Enjoy each & every moment with your family. How they must be loving time with their granddaughter! xx

  19. Isn't Savannah fabulous? I so enjoying visiting there each time I go back home. Did you catch the farmers market in gorgeous Forsythe Park on Saturday?

  20. One of my favorite places on earth. These images are dreamy.

  21. Such a beautiful tribute, lovely images!

  22. scuse me...are you flirting with that sweet savannah? cuz these words...

    "Your history is as thick as the sobering humidity that surrounds your magnificence."

    sound like a love poem ;)

  23. SO charming! I love that little party much history!

  24. Stunning Mel, love these shots and your description. my feet are itching.

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