Friday, August 13, 2010

An Invocation

I'm sharing a bit of peace and harmony over here

[image: yoga in Paris at 28 weeks pregnant with the crumb]


  1. you are so beautiful...your photographs of your family are so beautiful. i feel inspired.
    xox alison

  2. Honestly Mel, that is such a fantastic picture- and doing yoga in Paris! Ahh that's so amazing!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend and lots of love!

  3. Dear Mel,
    That is a beautiful photograph of you....your little crumb looks so much like you.
    Have a calm and peaceful weekend. XXXX

  4. Mel,
    You are were adorable carrying the crumb! You are in your perfect element. Calm and beautful as you always are still~

  5. Gorgeous! Love the mood that was captured!

  6. gorgeous picture!!!

    you truly glow in every image i see.

  7. Hi Melissa-I miss you and just am not in the blogging spirit. I am hoping we can visit soon. Sigh, where did summer go. Let's plan something for early Fall :)

  8. What a stunning photograph! I do adore yoga as well, i always feel so good afterwards xx

  9. You are so gorgeous Mel, both inside and out. I love yoga, my life would not be complete without it. Your daughter is so blessed to have a sweet spiritual loving mother like you.
    Have a lovely Sunday

  10. I have decided it's time to reclaim my yoga practice. It fell away a few years ago, and although I do a downward facing dog occasionally, most often I'm in corpse pose. I'll be bugging you about it once you're back....

  11. Did you call your unborn child the 'crumb'?
    So did I!
    When he came out he became Oscar.

    My second pregnancy bump was referred to as the 'parasite'.. (Lovingly so..) because I was zapped for all energy and was morning sick around the clock for 6 months.. Isabella was born a happy and healthy baby, just like Oscar and I am the most content and blessed mother in the world.

    Loving the picture of you in Paris. Bliss.

    xx Charlotta


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