Friday, May 13, 2011

Anywhere and Somewhere ~

Wanderlust is brewing strongly within my soul.  I'm anxious and filling my mind with images of far away places.  Reveries of packing our luggage, boarding a plane, and immersing into another culture are clouding my reality.  

We pull the world maps out, close our eyes and point to anywhere and somewhere, and then construct a plan.  The list is growing, the need is burning, and our gypsies spirits are yearning.  

Soon.  It must be soon.
[John Singer Sargent]


  1. I totally know how you are feeling. Traveling is an addiction for me-one of which I may never let go...


  2. I just wish that the security thing was not part of seems that it used to be more glamourous like that painting.

  3. I'm dreaming of a visit with you as we travel to NAPA in the fall for a very special wedding. I so enjoy all of your lovely posts Mel.

  4. Lovely post. Lovely image. It teaches my gypsy soul. I agree...soon.


  5. That wanderlust is brewing in my soul too. I can't wait to satisfy it on my road trip. I need this so badly.

  6. We share a mind when it come to Wanderlust (and a few other things?).
    We have been planing and our bags are not yet ready, but soon!
    What are YOU dreaming of?

  7. You and I are kindred spirits where it concerns wanderlust. (can't wait to share our upcoming trip with you) It makes me nervous, too, because I'm a homebody at heart as well...

  8. I know this feeling so, so well. I thought it would eventually subside, but it has only grown in luster.

  9. Bonjour!

    Just read your article at Belle Inspiration. As I'm wrapping up my last few days here, I think it had a special place in my heart too. I could envision everything you were saying. I will be here 11 days. Not nearly long enough to get settled, but enough to kind of play it by ear too. Just went to Versailles to roam the gardens. I've met up with Mimi twice (my first blog meet up) and mentioned you two days ago, and how your blog always has a special place since you were one of my first blog pals :)


  10. I would like to show you my shop at :) I hope it looks nice. Waiting for opinions, Best Regards.

  11. hope your gypsie soul gets to fly soon! beautiful post!

  12. i know this feeling, its an old mate of mine too xx


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