Friday, May 27, 2011

Random ~

I couldn't resist a game of Random since these two genius story tellers {here and here} shared some of their little known personal facts.  You wanna play?  Please do because it is so much fun to learn a little bit more about Y-O-U. 

{one}  There are no rubber band balls in our house.  Each loop ceases to exist with a quick snip, due to fleeting images of little creatures in the sea or on land being tangled and strangled by these retractable objects.

{two}  My great grandparents were full Cherokee Indian.  I wish I would have known them.  As I grow older, I yearn to learn the healing secrets of my ancestors.  One day, I will find a guru to teach me, for I believe earth offers magic in the form of herbal remedied tonics.

{three}   I have a sixth sense when it comes to predicting or feeling things that will be known to others soon.  Normally, my predictions are correct.  It's eerie, ask Sean.

{four}  Since my favorite French perfume was discontinued, I wear Sean's Tom Ford.  I have no qualms about it being for a man; it's about the whiffs of him, my beloved, near me wherever I go, 24/7.

{five}   In my mind, there is pretty much a consistent flow of happiness.  Many often joke, "if only the real world was like the one in your head." Perhaps this is why I named this spot and my boutique Reverie-Daydream.  I like to keep my head in the fluffy, pretty clouds.

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  1. goodmorning melissa,
    {i will still whisper, since you are asleep now..., thanks for hopping over the ocean to my little corner. i had to think about you and ashton, because she was with you for 14 years but our mackenzie will not have this much time with us, so first i had hopes that she too would become that old, i told my daughter about this lovely pug in california who became 14, our hopes where high, but after many talks with the doctors we know now that an operation is too risky for her, so she's on medication and living her life as a happy pug until it's time to say goodbye...
    thanks also for the link to jamie, wonderful writer she is and as for your random facts...
    nr. 3 and 5 on your list i totally relate too, i have those feelings too about people, like telling them they are pregnant and they don't know it themself yet, and i prefer daydreaming instead of absorbing all the ugly news....
    love to read your blog mel, now i have to tip toe out of here, sleep tight, see you soon, maureen xx}

  2. I love that you have an added sense. My Zade (grandfather) did too. And you know I adore your world...the meals you make, the air around you, all if it.

    Things about me...I can unpack an entire family of 3 into a new home in one day ;) one if my favorite snacks is avocado straight from the peel by the spoonful, with yummy dressing. I can't touch my toes.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. you and i share three, four and five. one made my heart break. and two made me proud of your heritage. cherokee?! excuse my language, but how effing awesome is THAT?!


    my greats were one tipsy irishman, two sicilians, and a handsome mutt.

    LOVE THIS POST. can't you tell? xoxo.

  4. {six} the way you put your thoughts in writing totally amazes and inspires.

    Happy holiday weekend to you Mel.

  5. Just wonderful, Melissa. You absolutely should explore your Cherokee roots. And I'm working on developing my sixth sense. I fear sleepiness and stress keep it closed off most of the time, but there are some things I just know before I should know them.

  6. Okay, well these are pretty much just perfect! And they make me adore you even more, which I didn't think possible! Here are mine: ( cause it is fun when folks play along, right?) :)
    1. my great, great, great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. I wish I knew more about her and that side of my heritage. I wish it didn't seem so far fetched when you looked at me. :)
    2. my favorite perfume is Calyx by Perscriptives, I have worn it for so long ( with a tiny break in there somewhere) that it is hard for me to smell.
    3. I am extremely limber & flexible. There is no good reason why but, doing a split is no problemo.
    4. I have green eyes but, everyone else in my little family has brown. Even the dogs. :)
    5. I had stitches in my face & head too many times when I was little. Strangely you can't really see any of the scars.
    I hope you have a fantastic weekend darlin!

  7. Love bits of randomness. I love that you wear your hubs perfume. You wearing his perfume.... Karey wearing her hubs watch... this is all so sweet this week. I feel like I need to be wearing something manly. hmmm.
    Have a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend!
    xo Trina

  8. Oh, I love your randoms. I've always felt, reading your blog, a sort of spirituality or awareness of life - perhaps it comes from your Cherokee ancestors.

    I wear my love's cologne at times, leaves a musky smell that reminds me of him (and sometimes, when I forget I'm wearing it, I'll catch a whiff of myself and turn around, expecting him to be there)

    p.s. if you are interested in some free travel e-books, head to my blog and let me know which ones you want! :)

    Happy weekend, Mel!

  9. and on this quiet friday afternoon before the holiday weekend begins, i have welcomed taking a small break and reading your lovely writing...thank you, kindly.

  10. how fun! lovely random facts about you =)
    wishing you a great long weekend ahead!!

  11. you are a beautiful writer!

    also, i have no qualms about men's colognes either. it makes so much sense to me because in essence they often wear it to attract woman...hence we like the smell...hence why not wear it?

  12. beautiful darlin! i'm lounging out in my hammock munching on juicy sweet strawberries from the farmers market and reading you. perfect sunday afternoon. i love number five. most days people ask me if i'm ever going to come back down from the clouds...hmm...i don't think so, maybe tomorrow! i adore you. xo

  13. What a beautiful post! I especially love the thought of a constant flower of happiness. Just beautiful.
    And I hope you and your family have a lovely Memorial day :)

  14. Mel,

    I love the idea of sharing random facts about ourselves on our blogs. It could take a year or years for these tidbits to seep into your regular posts.

    Here's an interesting fact about me, and I mean every word:

    Your blog is one of the reasons I am trying to change the way we eat. You've totally opened my horizons for "fine, healthy" eating, and I thank you for that.



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