Monday, May 16, 2011

Belle Inspiration ~

A little giddy over the current issue of Belle Inspiration ~ Paris + moi = cover love.  

Mimi Bleu, the editor and creator of this online magazine, has included my story of living in the 2nd Arrondissement {here}.  She also has filled the issue with many other wonderful French stories from writers and bloggers all around the world.  Take a look and be inspired ~ 

[image by Reverie-Daydream]


  1. That is truly exciting!! The husband and I are headed back to France in September to visit with his family. Paris is on our agenda for two weeks or so. I love that cover!! Hope all is well!! XO.

  2. Beautiful photos and story. We are hoping to see Paris again this summer and stay a bit longer! xxoo :)

  3. Oh Mel,
    I have seen this month's Belle Inspiration and just adore that photograph that's on the cover. Your wonderful Sean takes the most perfect photographs....... and, perfect for the magazine. Just beautiful. XXXX

  4. Oo la la! I must check this out.

  5. woowsa!!! Yipee! I'm taking a look!!!

  6. This officially made my day. I have an unexpected night off from class and I know precisely how I'm spending it now. Can't wait to read your story!!

  7. dying!! i second brandi. this made me uber, super-duper, giddy happy!!
    love this!!!

  8. i think this calls for a girls trip to paris (we all WISH ;) we'd let you pick all the spots!! yeah to you!!!

  9. gorgeous cover!! I am all for the girls trip to Paris!!


  10. Mel,

    I just read your article in Belle Inspiration. You are such a gifted writer and your husband is an incredible photographer; you two are quite a dyanamic duo.

    I had no idea that you and your husband spent three months in Paris. I knew you had gone when you were pregnant but didn't realize the extent of your stay.
    I would love to have the same opportunity one day-I can just imagine how it would feel to "live" there. It would definitely be a bittersweet feeling to return home.


  11. Melissa, you continue to amaze me. How beautiful that photo of you is on the cover. I want it hanging in my house. Love it. And the story is fabulous just like you and Sean. This is an adventure that I still want to hear more and more about...

  12. Mel I certainly will...I adore Mimi!

    Art by Karena

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  13. Wow This is my dream place. I Wish Can go there.

  14. How fabulous! I can't wait to go + have a read right now. xo Lola

  15. How come I don't know about this. It looks terrific. Thanks for the post. Off to go check out pages 128-133!


  16. Mimi and her magazine are fantastic ... so are you I love your creativity


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