Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aiming High ~

I tend to be an overachiever.  

In most instances, this is a good thing, but when you have a list of goals that can fill a journal {or two}, your head begins to spin.  For me, it's not about just checking the items off my list, it's about taking my life {and my little family's lives} to new heights.  This is ridiculous major pressure I put upon myself for even the littlest of dreams...

As I become older wiser, I realize time is fleeting despite my daily pleas for it to stand still. So when the first signs of summer started to shimmer with warmth, I began to step back and focus on the elements of my life that mean the most and deserve to be tended to with gusto.  {Summer tends to always offer a fresh landscape for soul renewal, non?}  Reconnecting with nature, mind, and body versus a constant online connection was the recurring theme ~ discovering a healthy balance.  

So this overachiever is still aiming  high, but I'm taking a more leisure climb up the ladder of life and enjoying every moment as I reach for those shining stars.  

[Reverie-Daydream Image]


  1. I need to take the same advice as well. Good for you. Enjoy the break.

  2. Oh boy. Do I love this post. So good. All of it. First of all, that photo. I want to jump right in - which is usually the case with the images on your blog. But this one is really pulling me. And I also relate to that constant pull of wanted to achieve and be and accomplish so much more, so much better. It can go on and on. But from where I sit, you are already doing so many amazing things and touching and influencing so many people in the most positive ways. You know I could go on and on, right. O.k. night, night.

  3. Often one needs to stand still to see one's accomplishments.
    You are a beautiful soul.

  4. There is so much wisdom in this post. I can definitely relate but also feel I take more time to enjoy my daughter and life while I am at the same time aiming high and working for it. You are brilliant, dear.

  5. Sometimes I feel like your post is directly speaking to this one!

  6. Searest Mel,

    You are an exact. An exact in every single step you take, small or large.

    You and Noel are the siamese twins:)


  7. What a great reminder to step back and enjoy the beauty of your life!

  8. Its a challenge sometimes to just be happy in the moment huh?

  9. Mel you are wonderful and have such taste and soul...take time out just for you and your thoughts, come in and our when it works for you.

    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my new Giveaway, a painting!

  10. I feel as if I could have written this post... each & every word.

  11. love love this. each and every word.

  12. I love this picture, and I share the feeling! Hope you are enjoying your summer out of doors, as are we! OOXX to you and the crumb

  13. That healthy balance is exactly what I need to find. I can't quite put into words yet what I've been going through the last few days. I'm an overachiever too and I love to aim high. And right now I feel a bit like a fish out of water, flapping around and unable to fly -- at least, yet.

  14. Ah yes, that ever elusive healthy balance that we are all striving for. Let's compare notes soon, shall we? (p.s. love that image...)


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