Friday, July 15, 2011

swimming in kisses ~

Our girl is swimming.  Her papa and I are quite stoked, and if you happen to walk past her swim lessons, you will know which one is Gaia Miette, or at least wish we were your biggest fans too.  We clap and cheer as if she won the Olympic gold medal.  In our eyes, she has conquered one of life's greatest freedoms ~ the ability to tread, float and glide without sinking {a foundation for survival in or out of water}.

An Aquarius, such as our crumb, flows with the seventy-plus percent of water that pumps through her veins.  She can't resist it, and we foster this ongoing tidal wave of energy.  We have set our sights high for waters beyond the community know, the Mediterranean Sea and so forth.  

But this community pool gig is rad.  Daily access, fun life-guards, and no maintenance on our part...I'm so down with this perk.  Mostly, we are enjoying meeting all the peeps in the town we consider new to us.  There's something about summer and pools, people don't really have anything to hide behind, so I believe it forces them to just be who they really are.  Cheers to swimsuits and petite swimmers!

Happy weekend lovelies!

 [A Kiss by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema]


  1. Happy crumb! She can start her love affair with water. As another Aquarius, I always did love a good float.........just gliding along and looking at the sky. Gorgeous artwork too Mel, perfect. Xo and xo

  2. Ahhh....yes. Beautifully put, my friend. I love summer & going to the public pool. I agree..we have the same set up and it is awesome. Can't wait til my littlest enjoys the freedom of being able to swim.
    ps I know I owe you a WT post, I haven't forgotten! :)

  3. Yey! Go! Yell! Clap! Smile! Cheering! My eyes are dancing right beside You & Sean sending good energy through our little water Aquarian, The Crumb.

  4. You should be compiling these into a are a remarkable writer and storyteller and I just soak it up. How amazing that she's already swimming! Go little crumb!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Congrats on the swimming! I loved it when i was a child. How are you enjoying the Stegner book? Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Congrats on the swimming!...such a need skill in life!
    have a fab. week!;)

  7. My little is a great swimmer too! Though she's a leo. She loves summer swimming season!

  8. this is so sweet! Swimming is definitely a big step for a little girl - it takes a lot of courage.

  9. one of my favorite things to do growing up was getting in the pool. i miss it and this is beautifully described.

    happy weekend. xx

  10. Way to go, little crumb! And you deserve every cheer from the sidelines that you get!

  11. how good! i wish i could, too, but i can't.
    maybe, i will, sometime. :)
    but, i've always liked Alma-Tadema's Arcadian paintings... there's really something about them!

    agnes / iiiinspired


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